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He wanted me to put the poison in TianYu's food?! But… No! I fall down to the ground with my letter in hand. I fill up on the vial of poison. It's for the best, for my parents.

\tI head to cooking class, acting somewhat coldly to TianYu.

"So what will you be making? I heard the theme is dessert," she asks excitedly.

\t"Hmmm… probably a small tarte."

"Wow! Can I have a taste?"

\t"Of course," I lie. She'd probably be captured before that.

I start mixing the batter and quickly put it in the oven.

\t"Do you need any help, TianYu?"

"Oh, yes, can you help make the batter of this layer? Thanks," she points at a bowl on the far side of her kitchenware. Perfect!

\tThe moment she looks away, I mix the batter and dump the entire vial into it. I mix it away and it is evenly spread out.

\t"Here you go-"

I passed it to TianYu. She heads to put her finger into the batter…

\t"Stop!" I scream, hopefully not too loudly.

Then I whisper in her ear, "I don't think they would like it if we taste the Prince's food, since all good food has to go to him first before us."

\tShe nods in agreement. I head back to make the tarte, completing it quickly. I decorate it well, since it's technically my favorite dish out of all mine.

\tI look over at TianYu carrying her cake. I turn back to my tarte, but in that second, I hear a loud clash. I look back and see SanXing 'bumping' into TianYu.

\t"Oh my, are you ok?" she says in a fake voice, "You'd better hurry, the prince is gonna come. I don't think they'll tolerate the same trick twice!"

\tI hurried and put a lid over my tarte. I grab a towel and start wiping TianYu's dress.

\t"Oh my, you even got yourself a maid in the trials!"

The noblewomen snicker in the background. Looks like the Prince won't be poisoned today… That somehow relieves my heart.

I whisper to TianYu, "Make some madeleines. They're fast, but you'll need skill. I'll help. As for your dress, I'll deal with it."

\tI grab a bowl and start making the batter.

"Ok, so go like this and this," I point at what to do and she follows quickly.

\tI go to my side of the kitchen and start making a batch of quick-hardening frosting. Once I finish, I gesture TianYu to come over. I splat the frosting over the part which was spilt on.

I hear SanXing snicker, "Oh my, what are you doing?"

I splat some more and it took them 20 seconds to realize it was a magnificent rose on her dress. I wipe off sweat. I made it in time before it hardened.

\t"Wow! Thank you so much QiLing! It's beautiful!"

"Your maid might have a hard time washing it off…Anyways, how's the madeleines."

\t"They're almost done."

She opens the oven and gives me a handful of the madeleines.

"For you!"

\t"Huh? Why?"

"You helped me that's why! Besides, I have a lot of extra ones, so take them!"


I stash them in a small bag and put it in my pocket.

\tThe trumpet sounds and the red carpet rolls out. Prince Fu is here.

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