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marybethgriggs > The Other Side of the Mask > 18 Chapter 18: No Thank You
Wha? Are you saying I'm the lost princess? I'm at a loss of words. My heart sinks as I take a deep breath. The air even smelled elegant. The castle was bright golden.

After a few moments, I came to a conclusion. There's no way I'm the princess, first of all… second even if I am, I just want to live a quiet life so I'll reject anyways. I follow behind Commander Yang and finally enter the hall. He kneels and I follow.

"What is it, Commander?" the King commands.

"Your majesty, this girl may be the lost princess," he responds straightforwardly.

"What are you saying?" the Queen speaks in fury.

Why's she angry?

She stands up, "We've searched the entire kingdom for my poor daughter. How can she show up just now?"

"Your highness, this girl is from Yue Kingdom," the commander responds calmly.

The Queen sits down, "Very well, we shall do a blood test."

Blood test? I turn pale at the word blood, especially because of that horrifying incident.

"You may rise," the King commands.

Both Commander Yang and I stand up. I glance at the King and Queen. The Queen is very beautiful and modest. She wore a light gold-colored dress. They both seem very kind, but I still warily put up my guard. I walk to the side and wait for them to do the blood test.

Ow! I internally shout in pain. I hold my finger over the bowl of water and let my blood drip in. The King does the same, and we watch the blood. It comes together and intertwines. Everyone around me stares at me as if a miracle happened. I rub my eyes. This is a dream right?! There's no way I'm the princess and I'm going to reject anyways. I've got almost no etiquette and knowledge. I don't want to return to the wealthy society of pampered people!

I pinch myself and put my finger in my mouth to stop the bleeding. The first to respond after the stares is the Queen. She starts to cry tears of joy. She heads towards me as I realize her face looks just like the one in that weird dream!

So I really am the princess of this kingdom. The Queen gives me a big hug.

"YingYue, it's really you! You've grown so much!"

She holds me out in front of her.

"Please come back to us," the King says.

"I-i can't…" I respond, shakily, not knowing what to do.

This time even the commander pleads, "You're the only rightful heir to the throne. Please, go back to the royal family."

My heart sinks with guilt and worry. What should I do?

I'm the only heir to the throne? The pressure on me increases even more as all the maids and servants stare up at me.

What should I do? I ponder. I really don't want to deal with noble society, but they need me… My heart pangs when I think about that word 'need'. All those people that betrayed my heart. I decided. I will join the Royal Family.

"Okay," I said in the silence.

The King and Queen's faces brighten, so do the maids and servants. It's a joyous scene as the Royal family cry tears of joy and the palace peopl

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