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marybethgriggs > The Other Side of the Mask > 24 Chapter 24: Ships are Amazing
After discussing with a couple of skilled knights, I smirk sinisterly. For some reason, it feels nice… to play a "bad guy" like this. I happily eat dinner with my new family as they ask about my visit to the south.

Father asks, "Oh, so you want to ride a ship?"

I exclaim with joy again, "Yes!"

They chuckle at my excitement about ships. The sea was honestly really beautiful if I think back. It glows like diamonds and shines so brightly. A fresh smell filled the air and the breeze made the temperature just right.

I smile as I think about it. Ji gets me ready for bed as I rethink my plan.

Ji asks in concern, "Are you sure you want to do it like this? Without the royalty's help?"

"Of course," I respond confidently.

The next day, I start my plan. I first start by asking those of the secret unit to join me. Luckily, they all agreed when I explained my intentions.

We first go to the prison where the bandits are kept.

"Your families were robbed and incapacitated by the pirates, am I right?"

One of them grunted, "Yeah."

"You came to rob the nobles, since they didn't help your case."


"Do you want revenge?"


I see eyes of fury face me.

"If I said that I will give you a chance to attack the pirates, will you do it?"

They look at me as if I went crazy. Then, they huddle up in a corner and discuss. After a few minutes, they nod their heads. I nod to Commander Yang, who also somehow found out about the mission and will be joining us.

Commander Yang frees them as we set out.

"Please lead us to others that want revenge," I say with confidence, "I know that you have a bandits alliance place."

At first, they still look at me with suspicion and wonder if they should attack me. I glance over at them.

"You better not. We're giving you a chance because you will have the royal unit backing you in this attack."

We arrive at the bandit's base. It is a big cave filled with chatter and beer. I signal for the unit to stay behind. Commander Yang, the unit leader and I enter. After a couple of moments, the chatter dies down as they get into a fighting position.

"We're not here to fight," I declare, "We would like a negotiation."

"Huh? Negotiation? Why would we need to talk to any of those scumbags that only bathe in riches?"

The bickering rises as they gather up against us. Some start to attack. We fend them off quickly.

"We will be launching an attack on the pirates of the south," I raise my voice, "This is not an attack from the capital or nobles. This is a small unit raid. We are giving you a chance to attack the pirates while backing you. Regardless of whether you participate, we will attack. Naturally, the more that participate, the better the rate of success. You may ask why I would plan such an attack. The south is still part of this country. We do not need pirates to eat up part of our country, so we will exterminate them from here."

I breat

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