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dily even with his speed, he prepared to deflect it with Fulgur. What he didn't realise was that there were another 2 limbs headed his way after that initial strike.

"[Power Shot]! [Double Shot]!"

From the city walls came an archer's shout to warn the other adventurers below of her spells. Although the voice sounded familiar, Sebastian didn' t have time to react. He merely changed the trajectory of Fulgur. Instead of using it to deflect the blow, he changed the angle and prepared to stab through the beast's head!

Pang! Papang!

The two arrows found their mark and pushed the beast's paws off target. Even though it moved it by mere centimetres, it was enough for Sebastian to dodge by simply twisting his body.


The beast roared once more, this time in response to the pain and damage. Seeing the beast respond to their continuous attacks, Sebastian and Zes stepped up in their attacks.

The mutated beast tried to scamper away, however, it soon found that its movement was restricted due to the severed limbs and the foreign mana in its body.

With attacks pouring in from all sides, the beast provided minimal resistance before it succumbed to the attacks. Sebastian thrust Fulgur once more into the beast's head and surged a huge amount of mana into the magick sword. The mutated beast's limp body fell onto the ground.

"Zes! Are you okay?" After checking himself, Sebastian immediately went to Zes to check if she had any injuries. Knowing her personality, she wouldn't tell him if she was hurt during the fight. Surprisingly, she was looking up towards the city gate walls. Sebastian traced her line of sight and found what she was looking at.

A human female archer was heading down towards them. She kept an arrow nocked in her bow, ready to fire anytime when needed. Even though the beast fell and Sebastian thrust his sword into its head, she still wasn't taking any chances.

Zes was the first one to greet their unexpected saviour. "Hi Mel, nice to see you again. Thank you for helping us."

"Don't mention it. The guards also helped in attacking when you weakened it. I think it's still too early to use your mana tendrils in combat. That's what you were doing right?"

Sebastian was flustered and scratched his head in embarrassment. "I thought that it would help if I hamper his movement abilities."

"It did help in a way. Everyone was able to attack because of it. Although I have to say, why do they all have the heads of mutated wolves?!"

Sebastian remembered that Mel had a certain traumatic experience in dealing with mutated wolves. Which would probably explain why she kept an arrow ready in her bow. He was about to comment on her antsy status, but he decided against it. After all, it was because of her involvement that they were able to get away from the fight unscathed - save for the two guards and the city wall.

"How have you been?" Sebastian tried to redirect their conversation away from the mutated wolves and their grisly heads.

"I've been surviving as you can see. These recent attacks have required the help of many adventurers. It's even considered a class A quest. Speaking of defence, I'll leave you two to help the guards repair the city gates. I'll go back up to help maintain perimeter defence."

"Uh okay sure. It was nice seeing you, Mel." Their exchange was cut short due to urgency. Looking around, Sebastian saw that while some of the guards took away the dead bodies, the others were already busy bringing supplies in for repairs.

"Let's help them out Zes. [Augment] Steel mind and body, max physical reinforcement." Sebastian circulated his mana again - it seemed that rest would not come any time soon.


Clash! Clang!

A huge beastkin male exchanged blows with a mutated beast. On this forefront, the new-types took on the form of a bat and a bear. Although it had the frame of a skinny bear, it had the wings of a sonic bat which gave it brief bursts of

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