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Even before the dust cloud cleared, Sebastian and Zes were already attacking the mutated beast.

"[Augment] Steel mind and body, Hyper senses, max physical reinforcement!" Sebastian moved with a blur while using Fulgur and his other sword to attack.

"[Ice Lance]! [Fireball]!" Zes remained on the side and used offensive spells when she had a clear shot to distract and break the enemy's momentum.

GWAAAAA!!! The mutated beast's severed limbs dangled in awkward positions. Although it had 6 remaining limbs left, it still posed as a dangerous threat to the two adventurers. While using three limbs to engage with the sword wielder in front of it, the other three limbs started to pick up stones from the ground. With brute strength, these tiny stones became weaponised projectiles that could easily smash through its target!

"Adventurer! We'll support you. Let's go!" Two guards took their posts beside Sebastian with their swords drawn out. Even with the dust cloud in front of them, they were still eager to dismantle the mutated beast.

Sebastian paused his attack when he sensed the beast started arming itself with makeshift bullets. "Careful! Stay back for now!"


Three blurs broke through the dust cloud and headed straight for Sebastian and the guards!

Using his heightened senses, Sebastian was able to dodge the stone aimed at his head. The other two guards weren't so lucky.

"Wha-" They couldn't even finish their surprised gasp as they fell down in a headless hot mess.

Seeing the guards fall, Sebastian immediately prioritised his companion. "Zes! Don't come near and engage from afar! Conserve your mana!" He knew that if he was hit by a single blow he would need a spell to heal himself.

Their brief encounter took moments but it proved disastrous to the guards and their surroundings. The mutated beast's rampage killed two guards and damaged the gate from the stray projectiles.

The beast roared once more as it looked at Sebastian with a murderous instinct in its eyes.

"[Fireball]!" Even though Zes' offensive spells were reduced in number, she chose spells which had splash damage to offset the beast's balance.

"[Augment] Mage killer set, maximum mana flow!" Sebastian didn't want to prolong the fight and was prepared to use his mana tendrils to add damage and to further augment his abilities. He knew that he was going to burn through his mana and his reservoir would last for only a few minutes.

Boom! Zes' fireball collided with the beast's paw who decided to face the offensive spell head on. This was the chance Sebastian was waiting for as he disappeared with a blur once more!

Slash! Slash! Slash! Multiple slashes came at awkward angles. His speed broke the sound barrier and he started to leave after images.

From his point of view, the world was dyed in a golden hue as it slowed down. He could see various sizes of mana tendrils from the beast's body. He knew that each tendril would be connected with a certain function.

'This tendril should be connected with his movement!' Sebastian reached out to a mana tendril in the middle of his attack. This caused a lapse in the attacks for a brief second.

Zes was currently charging the next spell and couldn't release it in time to cover the gap in her master's attack.


The beast made use of the momentary reprieve and attacked!

'Got it!' Sebastian was able to hold the mana tendril and started to fluctuate his mana through it. His intention was to destroy it while injecting his mana into the beast's body. It should cause additional havoc in its movement. However, he underestimated the beast's uncanny speed and reaction time.

"Sebastian! Avoid it!" Zes saw from the sidelines that it would be disastrous should the swipe connect with her master's human body.

'Almost there!' Sebastian was still waiting for the mana tendril to disintegrate in his hand. Seeing the beast's limb approach him stead

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