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"You have to save us! We're being forced to make mana stones!" The female beast kin implored the adventurers once more. Her words carried conviction and a sense of urgency. Jin immediately responded.

"Calm your self. I'll talk to her for now, the rest of you can go ahead."

Without saying anything, Sebastian used his skill. '[Augment] Hyper senses, Maximum mana flow.' He directed his now abundant mana to his eyes and calmly studied the would-be prisoner in front of him.

'Dilated pupils, Tachycardia, shaking fingers, dry lips, flushed face, moist eyes and mouth. Muscles in good shape as well. Not the figure you would expect from a long-term prisoner. She's well fed. [Augment] Triple Physical Augment.'

His legs swelled up as he gripped his sword hilt tight. Jin saw the subtle changes and tried to jump in between Sebastian and the beast kin.

"Sebastian no!"

However, Sebastian was one step ahead. He already disappeared from his spot. When he reappeared, he was already in front of his target.

Bam! Thud.

She received the full force of Sebastian's hilt in her unguarded abdomen. Feeling the wind forcefully knocked out of her, she fell limp onto Sebastian's waiting arms. Expecting retribution, he immediately turned towards the rest of the party.

"If you calmly analysed her figure, she's only pretending to be a prisoner. She's too well fed and stable to be a captive. It's also suspicious how she broke out of imprisonment just by herself when we came here."

Hearing his explanation, Jin and the rest were stunned. They could respond with a blank stare and their mouths agape. Seeing their surprised faces, Sebastian continued what he was doing. He checked her pulse and breathing. Once he saw that she was stable enough, he placed her in one corner. He made sure to bind her limbs and gag her securely before leaving her. He noted to himself that this was an improper use of restraints. 'Not that it matters in this world.' He quietly reassured himself.

With a hush, he addressed his party. "I'm worried if she alerted Nate or if he is aware. We proceed as planned. Don't make any rash decisions." Turning to Jin he continued. "That includes using your emotions to make decisions."

Jin could only nod in silence while he unsheathed his sword and held his buckler tight. The rest of the party nodded and followed Sebastian's lead.

When they reached the second floor of the mansion, they found it deserted much to their surprise. During their planning, they were expecting guards or some sort of increased resistance the closer they got to Nate's chambers.

Proceeding with extreme caution, Sebastian kept his augmentations in full peak. If there was so much as a murmur or a breath in the corridor, he was sure to pick it up. Along the way, he kept opening the windows and placed the decorations under them to keep them ajar. Even with the other's questioning gaze, Sebastian continued his strange action.

Standing in front of a

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