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"hik hik hik please stop. I'll do anything. I'll tell you what you want to know." The dwarven merchant bound to the chair quietly sobbed while pleading. Any form of resistance was shattered when his senses were overwhelmed by his captor. Like before, he was answered with silence. Only the quiet sobbing filled the entire basement.

"That's good. Where is he?" Sebastian wiped his dagger clean, giving Yokkun hope that it was going to be sheathed and put away.

"He's known here as Baron Neil. He lives in the outskirts of Klance City in his mansion." Yokkun felt weak once more and his head started to droop.

slap "Why is he in the outskirts? Is he expecting an attack?"

The unexpected slap brought Yokkun's consciousness back.

"He just recently became a noble so they didn't have space for him inside the central district. Though he didn't want to stay inside anyway. hik. He said he could fortify the mansion to his liking and to prepare for -" Yokkun didn't finish his sentence as he stopped mid-sentence and his head jerked up to face Sebastian.

"He told me to expect resistance from another Forgotten One. Would that be you? Did he meet you near Erimead Village?" His battered face now shone with curiosity and his eyes lit up with expectation. With his horrible visage, it almost appeared as if the dwarf was slowly sinking into madness.

"How is the gun production coming along." Sebastian didn't answer, choosing to tighten the grip on his dagger instead.

"AHAHAHA! So that's how it is! That's why you also call them guns! He's expecting you!"


The dagger's hilt found its way into Yokkun's cheek, further separating a few of his teeth from their sockets. He dropped his head down and allowed the blood and loosened teeth to fall out while chuckling.

"He killed your party member-"


This time heavy kicks came to push the pummeled dwarf's jaw and arm. With the pain acting as a mask, he didn't notice that his left arm was already broken and useless. However, this didn't stop his grin and chuckle.

"Yoo can't go againtht him. He'th brutal and cunning. He knowth yer coming. Al make thure to tell him. Even uf I can't, my abthence will alert him." Yokkun's broken jaw and empty teeth sockets made speaking difficult and almost indecipherable. However, it didn't stop him from trying to threaten and agitate his captor now.

Sebastian's eyes glowed amber once more as he stretched his [Augment] to the limits. He was planning to use his mana-saturated state to visualise the mana tendrils and use it to further torture the grinning merchant in front of him when he stopped.

"Nate sed that he eelly enjoyed torchuring yoo an keeling her. Eet wath a femaye beathkin righ? He cald her a beetch. Tho-"

Sebastian couldn't hear and sense anything else, drowning in his own anger. Even in his rage, he could remember Becky being toyed around by Nate in front of him. He had seen this scenario multiple times in his ni

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