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Jin placed the last of the dead bodies they could find onto the massive pyre they built just outside the village wall. Once everything was stable enough, Aima cast a simple [Fire] spell onto the pile. With the dry wood placed in the stack and the oil mixed in as well, it didn't take long for the fire to spread. For good measure, she also cast a controlled [Gust] spell to direct the smoke and stench away from the village, as a precaution to protect Becky's naturally heightened senses and should Sebastian [Augment] his sense of smell as well.

"I know it's disgusting work, but at least they will be able to rest easy now, knowing that their bodies won't mutate and bother anyone. Let's go back to the village centre and make preparations for our departure Jin." Aima threw one last look into the blazing pyre as she headed inside the village, with Jin in tow.


Back in the warehouse, Mel and Becky were organising their equipment while packing their rucksacks. Sebastian physically checked the survivors one last time before packing his equipment. They managed to secure a few supplies from the warehouse, but it was just enough for their equipment maintenance.

"Becky, do you have the adventurer tags from Oswin's party? Jin and I have their equipment in our rucksacks." Sebastian called out as he was rearranging his rucksack for the last time to accommodate the spoils they got from Oswin's party. He was against using their equipment at first, but then he reconsidered after being persuaded by everyone else. They argued that they can sell their equipment for their costs, and the shops might re-sell them so it will benefit another adventurer indirectly. Jin and Becky had to discreetly remind him that this was another world, should lingering convictions from Sebastian's previous world affect his opinion regarding this.

"Yes, I have it with me in a pouch. As planned we can turn this over to the adventurer's guild. With the records in their tags and with the survivor's testimonies, they should be indicted of their actions without any problems."

"It's really interesting how the tag even records your actions including the people you kill. It should be enough to dissuade people from committing crimes." Sebastian voiced out his wonder once again.

"You have to consider it from their side. Once they start down the path of murder and heinous acts, I don't think they still have plans to return to the adventurer's guild to report anything now do they."

"I see. I suppose you're right. Although it will help us to prove that what we did was all in self-defence."

Aima and Jin walked into the warehouse as the others were finishing their packing. "Jin and I have done our part for the cleanup. It should be finished with this, although it took us another extra day."

"With this, everyone should be ready now. Do you both still need to pack?" Becky took her usual pose of crossing her arms as she seemingly stood in front of everyone.

"Aima a

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