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"Master, I can't simply accept this. Please consider my side as well." Zes was currently having a staredown with Sebastian in their workshop.

"Zes. We understand what you're saying, however, Sebastian has a good reason for you to have this magick sword. You're the only one that can use this. Mel already has her own magick sword. I use a magick staff to amplify my spells." Aima was trying to mediate between the master and servant, although it wasn't proving to be successful.

"In that case master - Sebastian can use another one aside from Fulgur. He already saved my life and I am blessed being able to serve him. Accepting a magick weapon will simply be too much. I can't possibly repay him in this lifetime or in the next one even."

Sebastian was massaging his temples with his hands. He was slowly using [Augment] to relieve the headache. However, his frustration was gnawing at his patience. He couldn't believe how adamant Zes was in refusing the magick weapon. To Sebastian, it was made as a byproduct from his experimentation with the mana tendrils and honesty he didn't have any use for it. However, being unable to use or dispose of it was also irritating.

When Sebastian was seriously considering using [Contract] to check if he could force Zes to accept the weapon, Mel and Jin arrived in the workshop. While the three were busy with their blacksmith experiments, Mel and JIn were both busy getting on Yokkun's good side, even if it was through his shop managers.

"We have good news, Sebastian." Jin spoke as he went through the door. Sensing the awkward situation before them, Jin and Mel stopped in their tracks.

Aima sheepishly looked at the two party members that just arrived and briefed them. "Sebastian is trying to get Zes to use a magick sword. We don't have any use for it and no one else uses a sword among all of us but she just downright refuses it."

"I simply can't accept it. Saving my life and giving me another lease in life is one thing, but accepting a magick weapon as well is just too much." Zes looked imploringly at Mel, hoping she would back her up. With the amount of time they both spent with Sebastian, they unknowingly formed a bond between them.

"sigh. Zes, you also have to consider Sebastian's side. If you don't accept it, what do you want to do with a magick weapon?" Mel pulled Zes aside, allowing Sebastian and Aima to collect their thoughts.

"But Mel, it's just too much. We could sell it for more funds, or we could even use it as a spare if your or Sebastian's weapon breaks."

Sebastian walked slowly towards Zes and was getting ready to use [Contract] when Jin stopped him.

Jin turned to Zes this time and spoke. "Zes, think of it like this. Sebastian will need your protection soon. We are getting ready to close in on Yokkun and possibly Yokkun's business partner. That person is brutal and unreasonable. You heard how he killed our previous party member. If we face off with him and his tricks, we

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