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Sebastian and Jin buried their bodies under the snow. They hid near tree roots to ensure that they didn't look out of the ordinary. This forest was near the mansion of baron Neil, a fledgeling noble in Klance City. He was given the title of a noble when he gallantly rescued villages near Klance City from mutated beast attacks. After proving his worth time and time again in fending off hordes of mutated beasts, the lord of Klance City himself took notice and bestowed upon him the title of baron.

Once the two adventurers completely piled snow on top of them, they began to circulate mana in their body. Their goal was to create warmth without using too much mana. They didn't want to cause too many fluctuations in the atmosphere near them. Since the aim for their stakeout was to stay hidden for the whole night, they wanted to make sure that they would survive the cold night without attracting any unwanted attention.

A few hours ago outside the city walls.

"Jin are you serious right now?" Sebastian crossed his hands in front of his chest. He didn't hide his frown as he waited for Jin's response.

"Yes. I'm sure. I'm more comfortable with the two of us doing the stalking."

"Is it because you don't trust me and Zes doing it?"

Jin let out a long sigh. "That is correct. I've seen you go on a rampage and I don't think Zes would be able to stop you. The last thing we need is you going into the mansion and slaughtering everyone in sight. We all decided that we will do this to note down his security detail and the guard shifts as well. Aima posed as a merchant in the morning and managed to get near the mansion enough for her to observe the entrance guard set up. I don't want to waste her effort and I don't trust you enough in keeping your emotions in check."

Sebastian kept his arms crossed. "What will you do in case I do lose my cool and forcefully take the mansion?"

"Then I will use force as well." There was a slight glint in Jin's eyes under the moonlight. It matched the cold atmosphere surrounding the two adventurers and a slave huddled near the city wall.

"I understand. Know that I simply want to use my heightened senses to track movements in the mansion. I wanted Zes to accompany me in case I need reinforcement spells when my mana is consumed. Your presence will no doubt dampen our efficiency."

"This is more efficient than rampaging through the mansion."

It was Sebastian's turn to sigh this time. "It seems that my anger has caused everyone to be wary of me. Let's make haste then. Zes, please go back to the lodging and stay with Aima." With a quiet bow, Zes turned and left two adventurers.

Under the snow, Sebastian controlled his breathing and began to use his skills. '[Augment] Steel Mind and Body, Hyper Senses, Maximum Mana Flow.' Sensing the distribution of mana around them, Sebastian took note of their surroundings. He then used his sense of hearing to focus on the mansion and the movements inside. With his touch, he also monitored the slight vibrations in the mansion. Even though it was painstaking and the stimulus was too much to bear at times, he managed to create a mental image of the layout and the personnel inside. He focused his senses specifically in the middle room on the second floor where a discussion was taking place.


"I have done as you asked my lord. They should be increasing their observation of Faircrest village. Once the mutated beasts attack, you can swoop in for the accolades." The beastkin's head was bowed down, however, her ears were twitching uncontrollably.

"You've done well Akane. Your hard work has paid off and I shall let you take over Yokkun's operation." Nate was swirling a goblet half empty of wine in his hands.

"Thank you, my lord. I won't let you down. Does it include the production of weapons as well?" Her ears were still twitching in excitement.

"No. It needs to be done by a craftsman." Nate didn't tell her that Yokkun had the onl

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