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Sebastian lay panting in bed. Beside him, the girl was also trying to catch her breath. Both were covered in a sheen of sweat as they both struggled to get under the covers quickly, to escape the cold air that hung around them. Even though the small house had a fireplace, it had long burned out in the night.

Seeing an opportunity, she laid on his chest as she cuddled him for his warmth. "You're always rough. I feel that you're going to physically break me someday."

"I always lose myself when we do this. You of all people should know why." Sebastian still laid on his back as he tried to fix the pillow with his other hand. He could smell the subtle scent of flowers from her hair and he felt her supple skin on his own bare skin. He thought she maintained herself very well, considering her job. Even though they were having intercourse on a regular basis, he still found it stimulating. Too much it seemed, from the sound of her frequent complaints.

"I know. Let's talk in the morning. I'm exhausted."

"Do you want me to get you a glass of water?" Sebastian tried to sense if she was still sulking as she laid on his chest. However, he was met with silence and snoring.

'You fell asleep that quick. You were really tired.'

In a house in the city with a rare courtyard, the two adventurers slept their way through the cold dawn. They were exhausted enough to be oblivious to the first snowfall, indicating the start of winter. As if to reflect the turmoil within, the world around them started to grow cold and harden.



Mel wiped the sweat off her brow as she walked over to the target and removed the arrows which weren't broken. She had spent the afternoon in the archery range, as shown by the broken arrows scattered around her. Leo quietly walked over to her, carrying a fresh quiver of arrows.

"Mel. How are you?" Leo placed the quiver down beside her as he stood, unwavering alongside her.

With a raised eyebrow she looked at the new quiver beside her.

"I came bearing gifts as a peace offering. Once more, how are you?" Leo returned her gaze as he waited for her response.

"sigh. He's still not recovered if that's what you're asking. He's almost a different person now, as if rough and angry all the time." Mel continued to use the arrows in her own quiver, ignoring the new one brought by the guild master.

"Everyone understands his sentiment. However, it's been an entire season since then. I need to talk to him."

"Then why can't the all-powerful guild master talk to a single adventurer? Why do you have to go through me?" TWENG! The arrow missed its mark as it hit the stone wall behind it instead.

"He thinks it's his fault that Becky died, but there was nothing he could do about it. Even if I was there, the results might have been the same."

Crack! Mel couldn't control her strength as she snapped the arrow in half before she could even nock it into her bow. "Then why do you still want him t

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