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Transference. It was the phenomenon when a patient receiving treatment developed feelings towards the caregiver. Being a male nurse, Sebastian experienced difficult and awkward situations when patients expressed romantic feelings for him. His face wasn't bad - it was above average at most - the contributing factor was the fact that when patients were sick or critically ill, they were at their lowest point. Being a male nurse and having spent a lot of time with them in their worst state, a slight misunderstanding tends to grow fast. They imagined him staying with them in their hour of need simply because he cared for them and he had feelings for them. When such thoughts began to surface in the patient's consciousness, such thoughts persisted until they were sure it was a reality.

Reading over his handwritten notes regarding such matters, Sebastian reviewed what he needed to do and what he actually did before. He remembered that he needed to assign specific roles and discuss the feelings of Mel and his own. It seemed hard and awkward, but in his experience, it helped resolve this misunderstanding before it could spiral out of control. With a sigh, he fixed his usual clothes before donning his small sling bag which contained his notebooks and study materials.

It was still morning when he came down the stairs to the dining hall. The dwarven owner, Urhill, was polishing the floors when he passed by. With a grunt, he greeted Sebastian before resuming his serious task of mopping the floors. Chiza, his beastkin assistant came out of the kitchen to serve his breakfast which came included in his payment.

"Here's your breakfast Sebastian. Still the usual porridge and fruit juice as you requested."

"Thanks, Chiza. I'll bring the plates to the kitchen when I'm finished."

"You know you don't need to do that. You're probably the only customer who does that in like, ever."

"I've been under your and Urhill's care for quite some time, I'd like to think that I'm helping you in some ways as well."

"Coin has always been a great help you know. You paid in advance and you don't make any ruckus whatsoever. That's the best customer material right there."

"Chiza, please don't bother Sebastian. Tend to the kitchen now." Urhill peeked his head into the small dining room as he gave instructions. Simple and concise as always.

"She wasn't bothering me Urhill. Thanks for the food."

"Aye." Urhill turned away as he went back to his cleaning task. He moved on to the fixtures in the hallway now. With his dedication to cleaning and maintenance, the inn always appeared in immaculate condition.

"I think he means thank you as well, and he hopes you will enjoy the food. I'm off to the kitchen now. I really don't mind if you leave the tableware here ya know." With a quick turn, Chiza went back to the kitchen for her tasks as well.

'Even if I'm renting in this place, this homely feeling doesn't feel bad.' Sebastian found his breakfast tast

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