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Sebastian raised his head. He suddenly found himself sprawled onto the ground. He could still feel his limbs, and his senses were slowly coming to. He remembered that there was a huge blast from behind that knocked him out. He instinctively called for everyone to scatter away from the group. He still heard ringing in his ears as he tried to shake his head. Without even realising that his eardrums were shattered, he circulated his mana to heal himself from within. When the ringing finally stopped and his senses fully came back, he then looked around.

"Zes! Chiza! Where are you!?" He couldn't hide the panic in his voice, nor did he try.

He could hear faint movement from the rubble near him. His body reacted by itself as he found himself digging through the rubble at a frantic pace.

'Now's not the time to panic! Assess the situation calmly! [Augment] Steel mind and body, Triple physical augment!' Even after he calmed himself down, Sebastian was still pulling the debris apart at a heightened speed. While doing so he quickly scanned his surroundings with his mana and senses. He finally got through the pile after a few minutes. Underneath, he found an unconscious female elf.

"Zes! Wake up!" Doing a quick head-to-toe assessment, he only found a few scratches and bruises on her.

'The force from the blast must have knocked her unconscious. If only I could cast [Heal]! Dammit!' Sebastian blamed his incompetence for losing the ability to cast magick spells after his trauma in losing Becky.

'She might have blunt force trauma injuries or something like that. Shit!' Desperation slowly encroached his thoughts as he held his loyal follower in his hands. She was breathing at a stable pace, but that was only on the surface. He considered using his mana tendrils ability - it might allow him to see her condition at a more in-depth level, but it was bordering on unknown territory and he didn't have the luxury of time.

'Remember how it felt before Sebastian!' He coerced himself to remember the feeling of circulating his mana before casting a spell.

'Remember what Rivie taught you!' He pooled his mana in his hand and slowly fine-tuned its properties. He could feel subtle changes, but it always became unstable just before he was able to materialise a magick spell.

'Do it for Zes!' Desperation now guided his feelings. He placed his hand over Zes' chest as he released the pent-up mana "[Heal]!"

A warm light enveloped Zes body before it was absorbed. He could feel his warmth being transmitted to her through his mana. The light dissipated after a few seconds, which was followed by an eerie silence.

She slowly stirred in his arms. When she opened her eyes, she could see the concerned face of her master. She had been travelling with him for a long time to know his mannerisms and his facial expressions. In his current state, she could see a mixture of fear and relief all at the same time.

"Did you cast [Heal] on me Sebastian?" Zes checked her extremities as well - a skill taught by her master.

"I actually did so out of desperation. I never thought that it would work." He finally let go of her and helped her to stand.

"What happened? I just remember you screaming for us to scatter. There was a huge explosion from the back and I lost consciousness."

"That's what I remember as well. The mana fluctuation felt huge and different before that explosion. Let's go look for Chiza now."

After making sure that Zes was able to stand and that she was stable enough, the master and slave duo looked for their additional party member. Chiza felt the fluctuation at the same time as Sebastian. He silently hoped that she would be in a better state than Zes. With her beastkin senses, she might have covered a bigger distance before the explosion.

"Can you find her using your heightened senses Sebastian?"

"I'm actually using it right now. It's strange that I can't even sense her breathing or heartbeat near u

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