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Bump bump bump

The carriage appeared to be gliding through the snow-covered forest like a large spectre. It was eerily quiet for a large moving object aside from the occasional bumps, Sebastian thought to himself. The secret was in the magick-reinforced springs attached to the wheels. It served as a shock absorber and also reinforced the carrying capacity of carriages in this world. It made transporting fairly easy and comfortable, considering that they were in a rush. Looking at the coachman and the other adventurer beside him, they looked tense - and for good reason.

The other adventurer with him was Frederick or Fred for short. He was the archer and scout of the other adventurer's party hired alongside Sebastian's party. Both Sebastian and Fred were seated in the first carriage since they served as the scouting carriage. Their role was to monitor for any signs of dangers up ahead and relay it accordingly to the other carriages following them. In essence, it was similar to a group of adventurers mobilising a narrow passageway. The scouts were at the helm of the expedition, while the close-combat damage dealers followed suit, and finally, behind the ensemble was the long range or the support adventurers. Since they were working with another party, it was decided that they would mix the members to avoid any gaps in their security.

Fred caught Sebastian staring at him blankly. "Sebastian was it? It's better to look ahead. Mutated beasts are known to frequent this area. Please stay alert."

"Ah yes. I was simply fascinated at how you scout ahead. For archers, sight is always best, right? I can utilise my sight and hearing so even if I'm looking elsewhere, I am still aware of our surroundings." Sebastian smiled before looking ahead where Fred was pointing. He was only partially lying since he was continuously using his [Augment] Hyper senses. It was already at a point where he can maintain it for an entire day with mana to spare.

Fred's eyebrows raised after hearing Sebastian's excuse. "Really? You might not want to risk it. Werewolves and wolfbears are not something to take lightly."

Recalling the briefing before they left Wildecross City, the parties involved were mainly concerned about these two types of mutated beasts. Werewolves were bipedal wolves that used their agility and speed to slash and mangle unsuspecting adventurers with their sharp claws and powerful jaws. Wolfbears were more dangerous as far as Sebastian was concerned. They were similar to bears in size, but with the snout and jaws of a wolf. They were massive in stature, but their lethality was in their agility and speed as well. Nobody would expect a 200 kg bear to move faster than a seasoned adventurer. This was the reason why Fred and the coachman in the first carriage were deathly quiet and serious in their respective roles.

Early in the trip, Sebastian tried to infuse his mana with his surroundings in an effort to scout better, but the carriage spe

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