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"Hey Jin, that was definitely a Forgotten One that we escorted to the adventurer's guild right?" Paul adjusted the spear on his back as both guardsmen walked back to their post.

Jin also shifted his spear and shield both on his back. "If the protocols were correct, then he should have been. I would have never expected to meet one in my lifetime. I've only read about them in stories and in the rulebook."

"I wonder if we should have asked him about something then. He would know a lot - he does come from another world after all."

Jin shook his head and waved his hand to indicate disagreement. "That would not be a good idea. Remember in the rulebook it specifically mentions that they might be in an unstable state when they arrive in the Blossom Fields. If we aggravate him, it might be difficult for us to contain the situation."

Walking back using the usual route, the two guardsmen immediately found themselves in their assigned post. They then dismissed the other two guards who took over for a while. With the task of checking each person coming into the city, their shift flew quickly. Within the next few days, Jin had almost forgotten the incident, with how busy his guardsman shifts were and with his part-time job as an adventurer.


"Elias, you called for me?" Jin walked into the monastery training room in his casual clothing. He had already taken off the guardsman armour in the barracks after finishing his shift and had stored his weapons in his own house.

"Ah Jinzo, thank you for coming here." Elias got up from his seat as he approached Jin with an open hand. Elias had been polishing and sharpening the weapons in their entire armoury. Because it was for training purposes, the weapons and armour were made of the cheapest materials and easily broke down - even the wooden weapons. He had to spend a lot of time on maintaining and fixing them, a chore he hated. Which might explain how fast he stood up from his seat and how warm his smile was to Jin, who provided an excuse to overlook the chore for today.

Jin shook Elias' big hand as he tried to resist Elias' crushing force disguised as a handshake. "Of course, it's not every day that you get an invitation from the monastery's Elias. How can I help you today?"

"You don't need to be so formal with me. Do you remember a person of interest you escorted to the adventurer's guild a few days ago?"

Jin rested his chin on his hand as he tried hard to remember someone that would perk the interest of the beastman instructor in front of him. "Ah, would it be the Forgotten One who came from the Blossom Fields? He brought a dead adventurer with him if I remember. We did follow protocols and escorted him to the adventurer's guild using the pre-planned route."

"Don't be too defensive, you both did well. Yes, that's the one. I'm going to get straight to the point. He is actually keen to be an adventurer. He's undergoing training at the moment, but we were thinking which pa

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