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"My king, there have been reports of villages and cities being wiped out across the kingdom. We haven't heard anything else from Klance City apart from the distress signals." Herman kept his head bowed down while giving his report in front of the king. The other nobles in the room were agitated at the news, however, they were also waiting to break their own bad news to the king.

"Klance City you say. Hmm. This makes it the fifth city in just a day isn't it?" King Jacob stroked his beard as he mulled over the news. He was still sitting on his throne, but his body language indicated he was about to leap down from it and head out himself. If not for the decades of proper decorum drilled into his core and the nobles around him, he might have already done so. "Was it from the same type of mutated beasts?" He looked at the noble who knelt down with one knee and continued to bow his head. Jacob didn't want the nobles to remain in this uncomfortable posture while reporting to him, however, his royal advisers wouldn't allow him to change this practice.

"Yes, my king. The last message from the adventurer guild's messaging system was that they were under attack from black mutated beasts. They did not know how, but the beasts came from within the city. They had trouble defending and asked for aid. That was the last report we heard from them. I am currently sending a task force to check on it."

"How soon can they reach them?" Jacob was quick and short in his reply. It showed where his concerns where.

"Unfortunately the nearest city has also gone quiet after a similar message. The task force has already departed from Inlens City, it will take them 5 days to reach Driycester. From there a separate detachment will proceed to Klance."

"Driycester City to Klance City takes another 5 days is that right?" Jacob interjected.

"Yes, my king. Inlens City is the only one that is responding near that area at the moment so we were able to dispatch a task force from there."

With that exchange, a heavy silence filled the hall. Each of the nobles in attendance was hastily summoned by the king for an emergency meeting. A duke was assigned a specific area in the kingdom. They provided routine reports to the king, updating him and his advisors regarding matters of civil unrest, economy, and general updates.

When the initial reports of multiple cities being attacked by a new species of mutated beasts came, the emergency summons was issued. In times when they were depending on the information that simply trickled in, the king and the nobles were tense.

King Jacob was the first one to break the silence. "What about the other side? Is Wildecross City able to help? If I recall correctly, it also takes 5 days to travel from Wildecross to Klance?"

Herman kept his head bowed as he paused for a few seconds in silence. Because his head was bowed down and he stayed on a bended knee, the king didn't notice the duke nervously gulping in front of him.

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