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Mel stood in front of her party in front of the adventurer's guild. Everyone looked distressed, especially Aima and Zes.

"So this is really final. We can't change your mind." Aima spoke, dark circles surrounding her eyes.

Mel placed her hand on Aima's shoulder. "We've already discussed this whole night. For personal reasons, I need to go back to Wildecross City. I'll use this time to do reflect as well."

It was Zes' turn this time to speak out, breaking her usual shy demeanour. "I'll really miss you, Mel. You've always supported me. I'm still new to this master-slave relationship. I hope we can meet again." With a bow, she hid her eyes which became moist. Her eyes were already red and irritated from crying overnight. The three women obviously had an emotional discussion throughout the night.

"Don't worry Zes. After they fulfil their mission we will definitely meet again. I'm sure of it." With her usual smile, Mel reassured Zes.

Everyone looked at Sebastian, waiting for him to say something in this awkward moment. However, his mind wandered back to their parting words the previous night.


"You know this relationship was never born out of love." Mel spoke with a straight face, no hint of apology or regret. After pausing, she continued. "I merely wanted to provide you with support when you were at your lowest. The physical intimacy was something we both enjoyed. Beyond that, there was no emotional investment whatsoever. I'm sure you knew that."

Sebastian breathed in the cold winter air. The sharp, cold wind grounded his thoughts. "I understand. It was too good to be true. I was damaged at that point and couldn't think about anything. You did provide me with that comfort, I thank you. I understand your point as well. I hope I can support you if you ever need me in the future again."

Both adventurers didn't say anything else and continued to walk aimlessly around the city. Even though there were still some shops that were open and people bustling about in the business district, it felt lonely for some reason.

When they arrived back at their lodging, the other three members didn't come back yet. Thinking that they were still in the pub, they both retired in separate rooms for the first time since they travelled together as lovers. Mel reasoned that she wanted to talk to Aima. After bidding each other goodnight out of the usual pleasantries, they retired for the night. Though sleep wouldn't come at all.


Seeing as how Sebastian stayed silent and lost in his thoughts, Jin spoke first.

"Thank you for everything that you've done so far Mel. We've gone through a lot. When you get back to Wildecross what will you do?"

"I'll take a rest first before taking a few random quests - nothing too intense. I don't have parents or family to take care of so I'll continue with training. Also, the house will need a bit of cleaning."

"Speaking of parents - " Jin wanted to interject when Mel cut him off.


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