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and exotic weapons.

Using the same method to open the secret passageway, Leo used a spell and his mana to open the weapon case. He waved his hand over it as if showcasing his wares to a possible customer. "I can give you one weapon to aid you in your adventures. This was our agreed reward as per the last quest. I can only give you one. As I mentioned before, knowledge and artefacts which came from other worlds are dangerous in the wrong hands. I can only risk giving away one weapon to you."

With a nod, Sebastian continued to look at the weapons in front of him. His eyes were drawn towards a sword with a jet black sheath. He was about to reach out when Leo stopped his hand. With a start, Sebastian looked at Leo, expecting a fight. His eyes quickly flashed golden before turning brown.

Leo released Sebastian's hand while shaking his head. "It's nothing like that. The weapons here are not only unique in terms of design or build. I'll show you something before you hurt yourself."

Leo picked up the sword and stood a few paces away from Sebastian. Holding the sword with one hand, Leo coursed his mana through it. The sword released a blue spark, before glowing lightly in a bluish hue. Sebastian could faintly hear the sword humming as mana flowed through it. His eyes were open with shock as he unknowingly balled his hands in fists.

Seeing Sebastian's reaction, Leo started to explain. "Magick items. Although the technology was lost, there have been relics that surface time and again. All the weapons you see in that case are magick weapons. This one is imbued with the element of lightning. Which is also why I needed to show you first before you activate it by accident."

Still wearing the blank expression, Sebastian turned his attention towards the weapon case again, imagining the different properties of the weapons within. With a smile, Leo returned the sword and the sheath in the case. For the next hour, Sebastian studied each weapon diligently, looking over the design and the materials, asking Leo what their special abilities and history were.

After exhausting his curiosity, he finally turned to Leo. "I've made my decision. Thank you for the explanation. I'll go with this." Sebastian lifted the sword with lightning properties, showing Leo his choice after much deliberation. He sheathed it in the jet black case and held it tightly, showing how much he treasured the magick weapon.

"That's a good decision. If you combine it with a high-quality sword, it would be suitable for your dual sword style. Remember that magick items need your mana to activate. If you keep them activated during combat where you're also using spells, you will suffer mana burnout quicker than you would expect. Also, that weapon has a name." Leo was smiling as he looked at the sword in Sebastian's hand.

"Oh? A name? From the maker?"

"Yes. It's called Fulgur. Apparently, the maker named it such because of its electric properties. Well, now it's your

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