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7 days before Aima was chased in an alley.

Sebastian was in Leo's study once more, quietly sipping his tea. He made sure this time as well that there were no calming spells mixed in the tea. Leo was quietly looking at him, clearly amused.

"Sebastian. I know that you've become wary of me, but I assure you there is nothing in the fruits as well. You can have some if you want."

Sebastian looked at the fruit platter in between the two men, before returning Leo's gaze. "I'm rather good in that aspect. Tea should be enough for me. I don't have the luxury of time, can we please discuss regarding the reward that you were supposedly going to give me?"

Leo continued to stare at the Forgotten One in front of him, who looked more mature and sombre each day. With a sigh, he stood up and went to a bookcase beside his office table. He waved his hand in front of a panel at the side, revealing a metal plate. Leo placed his hand over the plate and coursed his mana through it. Gears audibly clicked behind it, revealing a small door that only allowed one person at a time.

"So you cast a specific spell to reveal the plate, then use your mana through it? Extremely stringent system if I do say so myself." Sebastian remembered that every person's mana signature was specific to themselves only, something similar to a fingerprint. It was one of the reasons why adventurer tags only responded to the owner it was bound with.

"You're the first person to analyse it to that extent. Although I am quite confident that you won't be able to replicate the methods. Which is why I showed you. Follow me."

Sebastian placed his teacup back down with a gentle clink before he stood up to squeeze himself through the narrow passageway. It was damp and narrow, dimly lit with mana crystals above his head. It was narrow to the point that mana crystals or lamps didn't have a place beside him, it had to be placed above his head instead. After what seemed like a few minutes of shuffling through the passage, he finally entered into a small study. The walls were filled with books, some of which were encased in glass with runes carved around it. It gave off an ominous look that sent a rare chill down Sebastian's back.

"Is this your treasury of sorts Leo?" Sebastian broke the silence as he stood in the middle of the room, taking the scenery in with a slowly building anticipation for his reward.

"That is correct. Actually, most of the relics or equipment here are related in one way or another to other worlds. Like yourself. Leo stopped to face a display case that was as wide as the wall. "Come here, I'll show you something."

With a curious look, Sebastian followed Leo and looked at the display case. Housed inside were different weapons which had strange shapes and markings. He saw daggers, swords, and long swords that had different hues, unique handles, and strange curves. Sebastian suddenly had the feeling of being in a museum, surrounded with encased books, a

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