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Leo walked into the private chamber and found Nate bound onto a chair. It looked uncomfortable, considering that they would have been waiting for a day at least for Leo to return.

"Where is Aima?" Leo scanned the members in the room and found one oddly missing.

Sebastian let out a sigh before replying. "She was unconscious when we came to the monastery. Our carriage crashed and knocked her out. I've asked for the attendants to take care of her. We have - pressing matters to attend to." He directed Leo's gaze to their captive.

"So has he divulged anything else? I assume that these new beasts were his creations to create the need for 'guns' in this world. They seem to be adapting at neck-breaking speeds. Every time we think we have the upper hand, they change and wipe out half the city guards. We are in desperate straits at the moment."

Silence fell on the room as the mood grew heavier and sombre. Surprisingly, Nate struggled with his bindings as if wanting to join the conversation. Everyone looked at each other before Jin loosened his gag. They still kept him lashed to the chair and the blindfold on - they were not taking any more chances.

Nate stretched his mouth as if it had gone dry and debilitated. "You fuckers have done it now. Without guns or any strong offensive abilities, you can't hope to defeat them. Even I was surprised when they started changing and adapting at will. I left them in my warehouses with limited resources to dampen the speed in their advancement, but they must have used other resources to adapt. Use the strongest weapons you have! If you remain stingy, we're all fucked!"

His outburst left a lasting impression to the adventurers in the room. No matter how much they deny it, they couldn't ignore the fact that their captive was right. Leo unknowingly clenched his fists while listening. He witnessed how savage and brutal the new beasts' attacks were. The mangled bodies and ruined city sections bore testament to their tenacity. When they couldn't contact the other cities anymore, his heart sank lower each time.

Sebastian couldn't hold the tide of emotions back anymore. He leapt up from his chair and drew his sword. "You've brought this upon us! If only you didn't release them as a last resort. Do you ever stop to think about your actions?" He circulated his mana through Fulgur and lunged towards Nate, his bloodthirst was palpable.

Nate only smiled and turned his head towards the commotion, still unable to see due to the blindfold. "You're also here, you piece of shit. If I stopped to think about my warmongering then I would break down. Did you think I can easily ignore the brunt of my actions? I did it for me to survive! Were you there when I arrived in this world? I had to adapt to this brutal world as well! I was left on my own to fend for myself. I didn't have the luxury to be babysitted like you. Kill me, you cocksucking motherfucker. KILL ME!!"

As if on clockwork, Jin stepped in between Nate and Sebastian, bracing himself with his shield. He shook his head quietly while looking at Sebastian. "Don't do this. He's probably the only one who knows about these things more than us. We need to keep him alive - for now."

"We're back to this discussion. Tch. We're leaving to do something productive for a change. Let's go Zes." The master and slave went out of the room in a huff, leaving the dazed Jin and Leo behind.

Jin was about to replace the mouth gag and head off when Leo stopped him. "Leave him to me Jin. I'll have an extensive discussion with our prisoner. I feel like we're barely scratching the surface with what we know. You go on ahead. Your parents are on the first floor."

Feeling exhausted to discuss anything else, Jin nodded and walked out of the room. He had already postponed his reunion with his parents long enough. When he closed the room behind him, Leo began circulating the mana around him.


"Where are we going, Sebastian?" Zes spoke wh

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