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"Gah!" Nate came to and lifted his head up to look at his captives. He tried to move his hands but they were bound by a mixture of metal and rope. He was inwardly impressed with how they managed to bend metal like it was a piece of rope. Surging his mana through his body, he was met with pain. It felt like his insides were trying to claw their way out of his pores. "GAAAHH!" He screamed louder at the newfound stimulus.

Leo spoke first. "Don't bother to escape or use your mana. I've tampered with it and we've taken measures to increase your pain perception every time you do so."

"Was it that fucker's idea?"

"If by 'fucker' you mean Sebastian, then yes. He's standing behind you."

Sebastian stepped out of the shadows and stood beside the chair-bound figure. He had a stern face and glowing eyes that appeared to pierce the world in front of him. He moved his hands in the air - it seemed that he was grasping something in the shadows.

Nate felt a tingling sensation from his extremities before the stimuli suddenly shot up his spine. "GAAAAAHHH!!" His muscles bulged as he convulsed in his chair, trying to break free. He bore down with his teeth and held his breath, trying to endure the pain. The sharp sensation lasted for a few minutes before he collapsed helplessly.

"You've done it now Sebastian. We told you not to overdo it. We actually need to question him first. You can't overwhelm him until he passes out." With a sigh, Jin checked if the captive was breathing. With a reassuring nod, he then looked towards the other members gathered in the small shack's basement. "We need to keep him awake next time. Let's try to wake him up."

Aima and Zes took a bucket of cold water they prepared beforehand for this specific scenario. With a heave, they managed to pour it over Nate.

Gasping, Nate woke up again from the cold water. He belatedly realised that he was only wearing his underwear. His winter overcoat and pyjamas were missing. The coldness shook his core and sharply brought back his senses.

"Where are the magick weapons?" Leo stood in front of him with an icy stare. It felt colder than the cold water permeating through his bones.

"I don't know. You can ask Yokkun."

"That will be a problem now. Do you not know where it is? You are his employer after all."

"I told you that I don't know. Are you even listening? You piece of shit." Nate was now brandishing a smirk.

Sebastian stepped out of the shadows once more. He had the same look and the same piercing eyes as before. "He was just asking you out of formality. The guards found a different body, it wasn't Yokkun's. He's cooperating with us." Sebastian looked at Leo and the others before nodding briefly. He didn't want anyone to react and giveaway his bluff.

Nate tensed his muscles and attempted once more to break the bindings. "You fuckers!"

BAM! Sebastian responded by kicking his chest.

"Now. What we really want to know is what is your plan with the guns and the mass-produced mana stones? We've liberated the captives in your basement. We know that you are making mana stones." Once again, it was a bluff he blew out of proportion after hearing a bit from the female beastkin they met while infiltrating.


The rogue Forgotten One's laughter echoed throughout the basement. Everyone else in the room waited in silence.

"You fuckers don't understand anything at all then? Did he tell you anything? I was a weapons dealer from before. Do you know what we do?" Nate stared at Sebastian with anger in his eyes. Sebastian resisted the temptation to knock him out again.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Sebastian instead replied with punches to his face and body. Jin and Leo stepped forward to stop him from doing any further damage.

With heaving breaths, Sebastian finally answered his question. "You make a need for weapons. You fund wars and cause suffering. Is that what you were trying to do here?"

"Ptew." Nate cleared his mo

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