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An owl flew down towards the gaping chasm at the outskirts of Erimead Village. An owl flying during the daytime was suspicious enough, however, it was also flying at neck-breaking speeds. With a flap of its wings, it stabilised itself as it perched on a nearby tree, gazing at the group of stragglers near the chasm's edge. The owl seemed to process the situation as it kept moving its head while taking the surroundings in. With another flap of its wings, it finally descended down into the ground near the group while changing its shape.

"Aima, I'm here. Calm down." The owl shifted into Leo's form as he walked towards the group. A villager was already passed out from mana burnout, while Aima looked weary. She looked like she could only cast one or two spells at most before she would also collapse. The other two villagers were tending to the collapsed one and comforting Aima. Although they were doing a miserable job for the second part.

"Leo! They fell down. I'm not sure if Becky is alive. You have to check!" Aima suddenly found strength as she jumped up and ran towards Leo. She only managed a few steps before she stumbled and fell.

Leo helped her to sit on a tree root as he motioned for the other villagers to come closer. "I've swapped places and sent my mana familiar to Rivie, she'll send a party here soon. Your group should rest. The rescue party will want an update regarding this situation." Leo took one last glance at the group before jumping into the darkness without any hesitation.


"There doesn't seem to be anymore mutated beasts here Jin." Mel wiped her sword clean, but she still kept it in her hands. There were traces of combat all around the two adventurers as the mutated beasts kept coming in waves. After what seemed like hours of non-stop fighting, the beast waves quieted down and silence took over.

"Let's rest here for a while. I should have some water in my rucksack. Let's cast [Heal] now. If we meet more beasts, I don't think I'll manage them in my current condition."

Mel finally sheathed her sword as she helped Jin remove his rucksack and fished out the water canteen from within. She finally realised that Jin had been fighting while wearing his rucksack and it was difficult to even move with it.

"Jin, we can remove some of the things in your rucksack. Maybe we can even fashion a sling bag for me to help you carry. It's tedious and difficult to fight while carrying it."

"Do you think we should? I'm just worried that we might need something from inside later on."

Mel finished a swig from the water canteen as she gave it to Jin to drink. "No. It's actually more dangerous to continue carrying it. We can remove some of the clothes or tent - we can even remove the sleeping bag. At this point, your mobility is important for fighting."

"I understand. If only we could eat the meat from mutated beasts." Jin looked at the corpses strewn about the cave floor.

"If it was possible then it would mak

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