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"Let me have a look." Sebastian took the bunch of papers from Leo as he quickly glanced over them. With his augmented senses, he was able to skim through the entire pile in mere moments. He closed his eyes as he processed the information quietly. Opening his eyes he then looked at the expectant Leo and Jin.

While reaching out for the side dishes, Sebastian continued. "He's trying to rebuild weapons he remembers from Earth. He wants to make money from it I think. That's what weapon dealers do - they make a need for advanced weaponry in the market. He's having trouble with the magick side of things, from what I understand in his notes. Is that what you wanted to learn?"

Leo rested his chin on his hand as he started to contemplate while gazing into the distance, seemingly unaware of the noisy pub around him. "I also think that he's trying to make more weapons or try to mass produce them. We didn't know what weapon dealers did in Earth so we thought it was best to ask you. Once again, I think you agree that Forgotten Ones can be dangerous depending on which side of the law they stand."

Sebastian let out a long sigh as he placed his third empty pint on the table. "So what do you want from me? Should I kill him for revenge? Will you give me a quest like that?"

Jin saw the situation turning cold and interjected. "I'll order more ale. We still have side dishes. What do you want Leo?"

"Ah thanks, Jin. I'll just have mead if you're buying." Leo quickly turned back to Sebastian. "Do you know about the adventurer tag and its binding status right?"

Sebastian took out his tag as he circulated his mana through it, bringing the familiar screen into view which was only visible to himself. Curious as to why Leo suddenly wanted to talk about it, he looked at Leo while waiting for him to continue.

"That was actually technology brought back by an Otherworldly adventurer, among other bits of knowledge they brought back."

Sebastian raised his hand to signal Leo to stop. "When you say Otherworldly adventurer, this was when your ancestors started exploring other worlds deliberately right? Not a Forgotten One like me?"

"That is correct. They brought back knowledge that inadvertently shaped our world. Rivie would have told you about this period. Did she tell you in detail?"

"Only about the cataclysmic accident between Kalonia and Earth when they tried to open a gate of sorts."

"That's true, however, there was more before that." Leo sipped his mead as he continued. "With the knowledge they brought back, Kalonia flourished in leaps and bounds nobody ever expected. We had impressive means of transport that could traverse long distances in mere moments, people were able to cultivate their bodies to peaks which nobody even knew, and everyone lived in comfort due to this new information."

Sebastian looked at Jin who was busy with the side dishes and drinking his ale across him. Jin returned his gaze as if to reaffirm that Leo was telling the truth. "I've only read about it in books and heard it from teachers. Though we have had relics turn up now and then."

Satisfied with his answer, Sebastian turned once more to Leo. "If that's the case, then why are we struggling with magick like these, and why can't we keep mutated beasts in check? It sounds like everyone had a grand time back then."

Leo nodded as if expecting the answer. "That was what the problem was. Everyone became too complacent because of their newfound comforts that they forgot what Kalonia was. Nobody checked on the mutated beasts population and their growth. When hordes of mutated beasts attacked the population, everybody was too distracted. Some people focused on technology, others on physical abilities or new magick techniques, and others simply on new types of food. Nobody could defend properly and we estimate that 2/3 of the entire population was wiped out in a span of days. In that situation, otherworldly information resulted in a mixt

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