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"What do you want these iron ores to be used for? Keep in mind that my blacksmithing skills is only up to the intermediate level. I can smith new weapons and armor, but that will take time. Depending on what you want me to do, reinforcing or enhancing can also take some time." Aima gathered everyone in a small street stall in the market district.

Jotted along the market district were street stalls of various sizes, serving various delicacies as well. When customers were tired from looking around the shops, street stalls stood to wait ever vigilant to appease their tired minds - and unsuspecting wallets. In a way, it served as a good meeting place for the party since they could have a meal together before they went on their own way. The location was also convenient for them to do their own shopping after the meeting.

"Nothing in mind yet? Okay, I'll start so you can get an idea of what I can do." Aima smiled smugly as she placed a hand on her chest. "I will reinforce my chest armor and greaves. They're all made of leather so using iron ores here and there will provide additional defense while only impeding my mobility a bit."

"Question though." Sebastian found himself raising his hand again to interrupt the discussion. It was an awfully embarrassing habit he wanted to get rid of from his studying days. "Ahem. You also seem to be wearing leather armor Aima. Doesn't it get in the way of your magic spells? I thought a robe or a cloak would suit a mage or supporter better."

"That is a very rookie question coming from you. I'm a bit disappointed actually." Becky crossed her hands across her chest as if to show indignation before she continued. "Mages and supporters aren't in the frontline. However, if and when the frontline is breached, then what becomes of them? Should they cast reinforcement spells non stop until mana burn?"

"Now now, you don't need to be that harsh Becky. Sebastian's first party was with you, me, and Rivie - who wore a robe. Rivie's a special case, Sebastian. She's so strong by herself that she can even function as a vanguard with me if needed. She doesn't have a spear and shield but her magick's probably more potent compared to that."

"It does seem like it. Thanks for pointing that out Jin - I didn't even realise it before you told me." Sebastian drank the fruit juice in front of him as he looked to Aima. "In my case, can you please reinforce my armor as well? I would still want it to feel light, but I don't want to lose out on defense. If you know what I mean."

Expecting a new weapon from Leo's quest, Sebastian didn't want to squander his opportunity at the moment to upgrade a piece of equipment he would soon replace.

"That is a sensible decision dear patron - I mean Sebastian. Leave your armor with me. It should take me a day for your modification. What about the others?"

The party's decisions were to be expected. Jin wanted to enhance his glaive and buckler, Becky also focused on her weapons

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