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King Jacob looked at his distraught subjects. The dukes and his royal advisers all had worn looks. Over the past few days, they had been unable to rest due to the stress and constant planning in trying to repel the attacks. Even though they wore the finest clothes, their facial expressions showed a stark difference.

"Please repeat what you said Duke Herman." Jacob looked at the middle-aged noble who last gave an update.

"Klance City is confirmed to have fallen. There are no survivors found - the expedition didn't have time. They were focused more on escaping the new-types."

The council agreed to call the new breed of mutated beasts as "new-types". It showed how little they understood about them and where they came from. What they knew so far was that it took a lot of resources in subduing one. They also knew that they lost a lot of their cities and towns to these new-types. Reports of ravaged cities increased by the day and they were left with a few cities that were currently under siege or being destroyed.

"That makes it the third city today. How many are left standing?" Jacob turned to his royal advisers for an accurate response.

"There are only five cities apart from the capital that is left."

Jacob closed his eyes and rubbed them. His frustration was showing once more. "Are we able to do anything? We are going to lose everything at this point!"

A royal adviser in a hooded cloak stepped forward to respond. "We have started to evacuate the citizens here to the innermost parts of the city. The royal knights have also been deployed as a peace-keeping force. The royal army has been tasked with fortifying defence and to search for survivors in the nearby towns. As your majesty has wished, our priority at this point is to find survivors and focus on defending the city."

With that report, the hall became quiet once more. Discussions on strategies and options would run through the night, while the Tahan Empire's sphere of influence dwindled by the day.


The carriage door flung open and a female elf jumped out. With her ragged looks and frantic stare, she appeared to be in a state of panic.

"Sebastian? Sebastian?! Where are you?!" She searched within the vicinity of the crashed carriage and even looked under the horse carcasses. When her breaths started to become frenzied, an adventurer stepped forward from the shadows.

"I'm here Zes, calm down. Slow your breathing or else you'll hyperventilate." Sebastian brushed the debris off his armour and slowly walked towards his distraught slave. Once again, Sebastian was moved when he saw her unwavering loyalty. Quickly surging the mana within him to heal his light wounds from within, he also checked her for any injuries.

"Sebastian! Are you okay? [Heal]." Without waiting for an answer, Zes quickly spent her mana to [Heal] her master.

"I'm okay, don't worry. I reinforced myself to my physical limits and leapt off the carriage when it came crashing through. How is everyone inside?"

"Ah." She suddenly became conscious about the other adventurers and their captive inside the carriage. "Aima was knocked unconscious, Nate is still bound and gagged. Jin is tending to them both."

A soldier approached the reunited party. He gave a few coughs to indicate that he was going to interrupt their tender moment.

"I'm the captain of the guards, Vin. Are you escorting a noble here?" He pointed at the torn carriage behind them. A handful of soldiers were already making their way through the rubbish and checked on the carriage's contents.

"Captain! We've got two adventurers here and a bound person!"

At this report, Vin immediately placed his hand on his weapon. "A captive? Explain yourself!"

His action drew Zes' response as well as she unsheathed Pertinax and ran her mana through it within a breath's time. Her sword emitted the familiar hum of magick and drew the gasps of the surrounding soldiers.

"A magick weapon!" Nearby

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