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In a rented out workshop in Klance City's commerce District. A petite red-haired dwarf was standing in front of an anvil and forge. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead while she stood still, catching her breath. With the repeated hammering and forging that went through the whole morning, she was slowly reaching her limit.

"[Second Wind]." Zes stood a distance from Aima, casting reinforcement spells when needed.

With renewed vigour, Aima repeated the painstaking process of hammering and cooling down the heated iron. The end goal for today was a piece of the blade to replace the current one in Jin's glaive. "Get ready Sebastian."

Hearing his name, Sebastian stood up from the corner of the blacksmith workshop they rented out for this event. He then stirred his entire mana pool and reproduced his mana tendrils, although he was the only who could see it.

"Aima, we'll do it as planned. I'll wrap my mana tendrils around it while you're actively smithing it. Hopefully, it will be imbued in the blade when we're finished."

Hammering and dipping the heated piece of iron in oil, Aima focused on the task at hand, only sparing a few glances to Zes and Sebastian who were with her.

When the dwarven blacksmith was about to finish the initial forging process, she looked up to remind Sebastian about his part and the reason why they were doing this in the first place. However, she didn't need to mention anything when she saw the golden hue from his irises. Focusing on the blade in front of her, she began to hammer continuously as if she was reproducing a certain melody.

Zes was the first one to notice it. While Sebastian was supposedly imbuing his mana into the blade, he started to lose colour and waiver. He was still holding his hand out. To the naked eye, it looked like he was trying to grab something but it was being blocked by something invisible. His hands started to shake and his breath came in shallow pants.

"[Heal]." Unsure of what was happening, Zes judged that Sebastian was expending his mana in large amounts and it was taking a toll on him. She let out a sigh of relief. Sebastian's colour came back and his hands became steady once more. She wasn't even sure if Sebastian noticed it as he was still focused on the blade in front of him the whole time.


With a thunderous metallic clang to signify the end of the process, Aima placed her hammer down. She then placed the blade in a special container she prepared beside her. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she finally looked up and stared into Sebastian's eyes. The first time she did so ever since she started the smithing process. "This part is finished. Now we need to cool it down. I usually do so with magick. Is it safe to do it with this blade?"

Sebastian also wiped his forehead with a towel Zes handed to him. "I think it should be alright. If our theory is correct, the mana should be absorbed by the metal when it is being heated or forged. After that

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