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@@Hello! Author here. Felt like this would be a long note, and the author's thought won't be enough.

Just wanted to let everyone know what kind of web novel this is and how I'm treating it.

First off, I'm only going to do this in my spare time. So I won't be doing daily updates anytime soon. I still have my work which pays the bills, and sadly, writing does not. So unless I'm getting paid for this (enough to cover my bills), then I won't be making it full time. Which leads me to the second note.

I'm writing as a hobby, hence I won't sugarcoat the fact that I'm still an amateur writer. No amount of online courses or teachings won't make me a celebrated writer overnight. Which is why I'm not seeking monetary remuneration from this at all. I'm simply writing for fun, and I will use this medium to improve myself in the future. My plan is to finish this web novel and then hopefully, get a professional editor at that point before self-publishing it for myself.

So I'll continue with my weekly (sometimes twice a week) releases until then. I don't want to drag the story around until I reach 1000 chapters, so the arcs and volumes might be shorter than the other web novels out there. If this part bothers you then I'm sure there are hundreds of other web novels that publish more than 10 chapters a week.

Moving forward.


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