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Wiping the sweat off his brow, Sebastian straightened his back to stretch. The repairs to the city gate were finally finished. Although it looked shoddy, it was sturdy and would keep the monsters out. That was all that matters at this point. He turned to his side to see Zes who was also panting. Her eyes became deep-seated and wrinkled in these past few hours - fatigue had taken its toll. Still, he chuckled to himself. No matter how tired and exhausted she looked, female elves still held their ground when it came to beauty. He saw that she was about to cast a spell to reinvigorate herself when he walked over.

"Save your mana Zes, we're going to rest for real. We can't keep using your [Second Wind] spell to keep ourselves going."

Letting out a long sigh, Zes allowed her shoulders to droop out of relief. "That sounds good Sebastian. Shall we go?"

"Follow me. I used to stay in one of the inns near here. I think they might still have some room for us. If they're still open." Sebastian led the way as the couple navigated through the abandoned houses, rubble, and the patrols roaming the streets. He noted that the patrols looked more ragged than them. He almost asked Zes to cast her [Second Wind] spell on them instead.

When the groups passed each other, they just exchanged mere greetings or gunts, nothing else. Even though they were tired, they still appreciated all the help they could get in this turbulent time. Sebastian felt guilty when he was headed for rest, but he reassured himself that an exhausted adventurer would likely slip up and make more mistakes.

When they turned after a corner, the inn came into view. Surprisingly, it was still lit and sounds of activity could be heard from the inside. Though it was faint, it still meant that it was functioning. A grisly thought crossed Sebastian's mind.

"Zes stay here. I'll scout the place with my senses. I hope it's not looters. [Augment] Steel mind and body, Hyper Sense, Hyper Sense." Feeling his mind dulled from fatigue, he had to augment his senses twice to achieve the desired effect.

Sebastian approached the inn quietly and placed his hand on the ground. He focused his heightened senses for vibrations in the ground and in the air. With a smile, he stood up and motioned for Zes to follow him.

Knock knock

He knocked on the door before opening it, to avoid startling the person within.

"Wha-? Huh?!" It still proved futile as she almost dropped the broom from her hands.

"Hi Chiza, it's me, Sebastian. Where's Urhill?"

The frightened beastkin proprietress didn't expect anyone to come in through the door, or even customers. A smile broke through her lips when she saw his familiar figure. However, memories of her accidentally opening his room and seeing him in a near-naked state forced her cheeks to become rosy.

Seeing as she was flustered, Sebastian continued to ask instead. "Where's Urhill? I expected him to keep his inn running even in these times. Do

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