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"Bodeth, tell us again why you guys are extremely keen to get to the rat imp burrows soon? We just got your party and the survivors out from the warehouse and now you're going there again. We might need to fight you know."

"Jin was it? You saw the damage they did around us. We didn't hole up in that wretched building only to die in another wave as soon as we got out. Let's hurry up. Keep your mind on this task, less talking."

Bodeth continued to rush forward, leading their group as he lead them towards a village exit. Once they decided to leave for the rat imp burrows, all three parties headed towards different directions. Jin thought that it was a bit odd the burrows were located in three cardinal directions, but then again if the rat imps wanted to overrun the village, a three-point attack would be more than enough. The thought about rat imps organising their attacks and grouping into separate attack waves sent a chill down his spine. He immediately renewed the reinforcement on his body. He couldn't shake off the foreboding feeling after hearing Sebastian's parting words: Proceed with caution from all sides.' It was very cryptic and unnerving in a lot of ways.

"Jin. Jin. Oi Jin!" Aima nudged Jin back to reality as he shook his head as if to wipe away the bad premonition.

"Yes, Aima? Sorry I spaced out."

"You need to be alert at all times. Please don't leave the healer all by her weak self."

"I see. I'm sorry if it seemed that way. I'll definitely keep my head straight from now on. Thanks for the nudge."

"sigh. You don't react like Sebastian. It's actually no fun at all." Aima pretended to sulk as she gripped her staff tighter and walked ahead of Jin instead of staying in the back as they decided earlier.

"Are you both a couple, Jin and Aima? We're near the burrows, please be on guard." Bodeth held his weapon high as he seemingly prepared for combat with an unseen enemy.

"No, we're not. I understand Bodeth. To think that you and your party survived the rat imp waves. That's impressive." Jin also held his glaive and buckler with anticipation as he heightened his senses.

"Our party didn't just consist of me, Sylvie, and Oswin. Oswin usually hires battle slaves for his quests. They, unfortunately, perished during the onslaught."

"What? Battle slaves?! That's why there were weapons strewn about in the village. You know what they are, right Jin?" Aima couldn't hold her surprise as she looked at Bodeth with surprise and horror.

"Yes, I know about them. Although they're quite rare in Wildecross City, there are some nobles and adventurers that purchase slaves to add to their party's fighting ability. While they aren't well-trained like adventurers, they can't oppose the order from their master. In some situations, they can be used as a large attacking force. In dire situations, they may be used to hold off the enemies with their lives as their master makes a strategic retreat." Jin gripped his weapons cl

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