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"I see the walls of Wildecross City! We're near. Zes please inform Jin and Aima inside." Sebastian proudly exclaimed as the carriage broke free from the forest. Even with his rough steering, the horses were able to trot on without any hindrances. Zes stood up to inform the rest of the party when she stopped midway.

Sebastian looked at her with a puzzled expression. He was getting ready to catch her, expecting her to collapse from exhaustion. However, Zes still remained rooted in her seat with her mouth agape. Sebastian traced her line of vision when he also froze, almost dropping the horse reins.

Breaking free from the forest boundary were four huge wolves. Two wolves easily reached up to the size of a house. What was more frightening was their speed. With their huge frames, the wolves showed no signs of relent in their chase. Each mutated werewolf seemingly left no footprints in the ground. They were very agile and light in their steps. Their silence and size were unnerving.

"Shit! [Augment] Steel mind and body, hyper senses!" Sebastian quickly reinforced his mental status to overcome mental shock. Zes was still staring blankly at their pursuers. He pulled her back to her seat and quickly regained control of the horses and his wits. Running the different scenarios and options in his head, he finally came to a decision.

"Zes. Listen to me. Even if you collapse, I want you to focus on casting [Second Wind] on the horses." Sebastian squeezed Zes hand to bring her back to her senses and to reassure her. With a solemn nod, she turned forward and stared at the horses, ready to cast reinforcement spells when needed. She knew she had limited mana so she didn't want to waste it.

Bam bam bam!

Sebastian pummeled the carriage behind him. They didn't have time to go inside the carriage and update the others. He hoped that either Jin or Aima would poke their head out. All the while, he kept his eyes on the walls of Wildecross City looming in the distance. It never felt so far as this moment.

"What's happening?!" Aima poked her head out the window to ask. She and Jin already had an ominous feeling ever since Sebastian said that he could sense something chasing them and went out to accompany Zes in steering the carriage.

"Turn around!" Sebastian still kept his eyes in front, focused as a hawk.

Sensing the urgency in his voice, Aima turned around without expecting anything. What she saw, however, changed her mind.

"By the gods! AAAAHHHHH!!" Her scream trailed into the distance as if a siren was suddenly activated on the carriage. Her head quickly disappeared into the carriage.

Within moments, Jin went outside the carriage and sat on the driver's seat as well. "What do we do Sebastian?" Even though he tried to ask as calmly as he could, he was unable to mask the panic in his voice. Most notably, he never looked behind for fear of losing his composure or what remained of it.

Keeping his eyes in front, Sebastian ans

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