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Marc woke up with a start. He tried to move his hands, only to find them fastened onto a chair. Surprisingly, they were wound with a thin metal cable. The cables dug into his skin, creating superficial wounds and drawing blood in the process. When he tried to move his legs, a familiar, searing pain shot through his legs all the way to the back of his head. The stumps below his knees were crying out in pain, overloading his senses every time he tried to move it.


His gastric juices came up due to the extreme stimuli. He couldn't bend down to expel it properly, he had to contend with the bile and stomach acids dripping down from his mouth. Looking straight ahead, he saw his two underlings tied to a chair as well. For some reason, they were loosely tied to the chair compared to him. A man walked into his field of vision, carrying a sword.

The man walked behind one of his underlings and lifted his head to face Marc.

"Who are you?" The previous confident voice befitting an intimidating mercenary was now replaced with a meek, almost hushed voice.

The man with the sword didn't make any attempts to answer him, he only took a step back.


The man's sword pierced through his underling's chest, with half the sword jutting out. The thug sputtered blood as the internal bleeding started to overwhelm his orifices. Before the thug could bleed out to his death, an elf with a dagger rushed to stab the thug in the head. With his struggle ended abruptly, the thug's head fell limp.

"STOP! By the gods stop!" Marc now felt rushed as he tried to reason with the two brutal captors in front of him.

Without saying anything, the duo moved to the other thug.

"What do you want? Stop! Please stop!" He was now spitting his vomit mixed with his pleas.

While the man with the sword was holding his only surviving underling's head again, the man finally broke his silence. "Who is the dwarf who sent you."

"The dwarf? The merchant? What has he done to you?"

The swordsman sent a furtive glance to his companion before looking at Marc again. With a quick motion, he sliced the underling's left arm off!

"Nooo!! Stop!! His name is Yokkun! Yokkun Orebasher! STOP!" The metal cables wrapped around Marc's arms already dug in deeper, he was actively bleeding from it.

His underling, however, wasn't bleeding from the amputation site. After slicing the limb, the swordsman placed his sword on the fresh wound and activated his magick sword. With a bright flash, the open wound immediately closed. Only the charred stump and the nauseating smell of burning flesh remained to indicate that the wound was fresh.

Smiling for the first time since he started his brutal display, the swordsman stood up and faced Marc. "Now that wasn't so hard was it. How can we verify this information?"

"You can ask around in the Merchant District! He owns a few shops there. Please let us go. We've answered your question." His tears started to fal

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