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"Sebastian... Sebastian..." ... "Oi!!" Jin shoved Sebastian to try and bring him back to his senses.

"You've been holding onto Melissa for quite some time. Let her go will you? Are you alright?"

Rivie motioned for Jin to stop. She reasoned with him in a hushed voice: "He is dealing with his trauma. Remember he saw an adventurer die in front of him the first time he came. Also this might have been related to his death, from the way he is reacting. Give him time. Tend to the others please."

Jin slightly nodded to signify he understood before he moved to the rest of the group. "How about the other members? Are you all okay? Let's set up a perimeter as we tend to the wounded and decide what to do next." Being a guardsman and an adventurer for a few years definitely developed his sense of leadership.

"Got it. I'll scout the surrounding areas. If I see anything I'll come back and report. Nothing near us for now." Becky saw the wounded adventurers and decided to take an active role herself. She seemed like a different person when it came to other adventurers, Jin thought.

"I have a mana-restoring potion if you want it. You did use a high-tier spell after all." Ellie offered her one and only mana potion to Rivie.

"I'm okay. A single spell like that won't burn out my mana. Though I need to rest after that. You keep it for emergency purposes."

"I see. Thank you. Are you the magick teacher from the monastery? I didn't see you for a long time. Did you quit your job?"

"No, I was busy developing a training regimen for teenagers who came from the countryside. They're a bit behind in training compared to children born in the city so they need a faster method of training that also produces results." With a white lie like this, Rivie was confident there wouldn't be any other questions.

"Anyway it's really good you were nearby to help us out. We wouldn't have survived without your help. Thank you." Tears welled up in Ellie's face as she looked at the injured swordswoman, Melissa. She was still sleeping soundly.

"No worries. You have the rest of the party to thank as well." Rivie was back to her usual smiling self.

Sebastian snapped out from his trance as he looked around his surroundings. Looking at the wounded Melissa on the ground, her brutal injuries replayed in his mind. He felt the world spin again.

'[Augment] Steel body and mind!'

Slowing down his breathing, he took a look at the people around him again. Everyone seemed to be tending their injuries while Rivie and another elf were looking at him and Melissa.

"Ahh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sebastian."

"You actually did introduce yourself when you first came over." Ellie chuckled. "I think you were under some sort of shock so we didn't bother you. You can let go of Melissa's arm now."

When Sebastian looked down he was still holding onto his makeshift tourniquet, though without force now. He loosened it when he blanked o

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