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Sebastian opened his eyes to find himself in the cottage. With the amount of time he spent in here, it would almost be safe to assume that this was his second house aside from the inn room he rented out. Apart from him in the room was Rivie who was quietly reading a book while having tea.

"How long has it been since Becky knocked me out?"

"Lunch has already passed and now it's technically time for my lessons. However you did receive a strong blow. Even if I healed you, you still needed time to rest. How are you feeling now?"

"I feel better. Slight pain in the back of my neck but we can have your lesson while we're having lunch. Would that be alright?" Sebastian slowly got up as he did a quick head-to-toe assessment of himself. Feeling that nothing was out of the ordinary aside from the usual after-combat pains, he then moved to the dining table with Rivie.

"That's good to hear. Also I want to talk to you about something in behalf of me and Elias as well. Sit down, I'll get the soup and bread after you wash your hands." It seems that Rivie was also slowly adjusting to his mannerisms regarding hygiene even if it wasn't compulsory in this world.

"So what was it that you wanted to discuss? Is it something related to the results this morning?" Sebastian slowly dipped the hard bread into the soup as he looked at Rivie, waiting for her answer. He tried not to show it, but he was apprehensive when he sensed her hesitation.

"I do hope you don't take it the wrong way but Becky held some truth to her words this morning. Even though she appears rough at times, she has a good eye as an adventurer."

"Truth regarding? My lack of combat experience? I understand your concern especially after what happened this morning with both Jin and Becky, but I really feel like being an adventurer in the frontlines is beneficial for me. Please don't say that my knowledge as a Forgotten One will be useful in politics or in the monastery instead." Sebastian didn't even notice that the bread he was dipping in the soup was already too soggy and almost became one with the soup.

"No, we don't mean it in that regard. Like we said at the start of the training regimen - we respect your decision and we also understand, given your job in the previous world as a nurse specialist. What we have decided is that we were too lax in your training regimen. We took it slow and given the results this morning, you aren't ready as an adventurer - at this rate, you won't even be ready after 4 seasons." Rivie paused to let Sebastian slowly absorb her words before continuing.

"You've only sparred with Elias for the past month using a single weapon style. You've also trained with me regarding [Augmentation] and basic magick spells. Aside from that we haven't pushed significant growth or learning from you. I'd like to correlate this with your work ethic you shared with us before. Given that you want to do your best and expect everyone to do the same, your current best will only be a hinder to your party." Rivie picked up a piece of soaked bread as she started to eat it. An uncomfortable silence ensued in the cottage as they both continued to eat without saying much.

"What can I do in my situation? I don't want to be a burden to my party. I understand the need to develop my skills further but like you said, I don't have the luxury of time as well." Sebastian pushed his plate away, indicating that he was done eating. He hardly touched his food given the time he spent on thinking consumed his lunch instead.

"I will apologise in advance, but we will be pushing you hard. Elias will be training you on dual swords starting tomorrow. You will also have the daily spars with Jin, Becky, and Elias as what you decided to bet on the spar this morning. In my case, I will be teaching you advanced magick and I will be giving you homework as well. Please understand." Rivie also finished her lunch as she looked into Sebastian's eyes with a certain sense of

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