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Sebastian started putting away his medical equipment into his small duffel bag. Pausing to wipe away the sweat from his brow, he meticulously resumed his task. He placed away medications, chemical bottles, and his basic medical equipment. The deftness and the speed of his hands made it seem that he had done it thousands of times. It was right to assume so, as he had been a nurse for almost a decade. Although it was in different locations, with each stint lasting a few years at a time. He welcomed the varying challenges each area or setting brought with it. Whether it was in a metropolitan emergency department, or an operating theatre in an underdeveloped country, he was grateful and always positive in performing his nursing responsibilities.

Currently, he was in the Savannah region, working as a remote rural nurse. His main responsibility this time was to monitor and help out a local tribe's health situation. He was the only medical personnel tasked in assisting a local tribe with a population of 50. With the next medical assistance hours away via a CB radio contact. It seemed that the NGO (Non Profit Organisation) wanted to take the conservative route in making contact with this local tribe. Instead of overwhelming them with a plethora of modern Western information, they wanted to slowly change the tribe's attitude towards outsiders. The NGO also wanted to preserve the tribe's cultures and identity rather than having them assimilate Western traditions. With that in mind, they deemed that a remote nurse would help alleviate their morbidity and mortality rate, while slowly opening their eyes towards Western practices.

"Basti, what are you doing?" A middle-aged man said while entering the medical tent set up by Sebastian in the middle of the local tribe's village. Since the village wasn't that populated to begin with, setting up a medical tent in the middle of the tribe's geographical location was fairly easy and was understandably accessible to everyone. The villagers had trouble with his name, so Sebastian shortened it to make it easy for them.

Sebastian slowly looked up from his desk and looked at the man. He looked middle-aged but he was already 53 years old. He was the village elder chosen because of longevity. Since members of the tribe die at early ages, the oldest living member is automatically made as village elder. Having a village elder at the age of 53 did not mean well in terms of health status for the tribe.

Sebastian gazed deeply at the village elder's figure. It was a habit he developed - as he was assessing a potential patient for any abnormalities, it would instead seem that he was looking sharply at a person, almost condescendingly. Assessing the elder from head to toe, Sebastian couldn't find any pressing medical issues with him aside from the osteoarthritis making his knees swell up to the point where the elder had to use a makeshift walking stick.

"Are your knees giving you pain today?" Sebastian asked calmly. Once you are able to anticipate a medical need, it would make your nursing life very easy.

"Yes, but I came here to tell you that our dinner is ready."

"Ah was it today? Sorry I forgot. I'll head out now. Thank you."

Currently the tribe was holding a small festival to thank their local god for their crop harvest and cattle growth. They did inform Sebastian before, but he was busy monitoring the tribe's health conditions and documenting them that he simply forgot. When you're somewhere in the Savannah building up a health database for a local tribe using outdated tools, it really takes a lot of your time and effort.

Sebastian then went out the tent together with the village elder and walked towards the village center where the rest of the tribe were preparing dinner. They were making bread with a simple oven that he taught them (with the schematics from the NGO) and they were roasting 2 calves for dinner.

As soon as Sebastian and the village elder arrived, ever

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