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"So let me get the facts right - this is the first day I leave Sebastian to train with you. Elias beats him to exhaustion, and then you let his mana overrun. *sigh* What was the reason for this again? At this rate, we are sure to kill him before he even wields his own mana." Leo spoke with a calm and flat tone, but his furrowed eyebrows and his crossed arms showed the anger within.

"This was supposed to be part of the assessment. Elias wanted to measure his physical abilities. Sebastian was very promising even without proper training that Elias forgot to hold back. In my assessment, I did not know that he would discharge all his mana at once. I merely asked him to sense his mana within. By the time I got to him, he was already burnt out." Rivie spoke with a concerned tone as she sipped the herbal tea. They were inside the room again while Sebastian was resting on a bed. He had bandages on his extremeties and torso which was slathered in a healing salve.

"It's a miracle then that he didn't spontaneously combust in front of you. I'm just wondering if this is a good idea. I know that we are in a rush for him to learn about our world and mana, but we are clearly overwhelming him with this method."

"This is what makes the assessment part very important. We can learn from this and fine tune our methods of training for him. Few can boast about having a customised training regimen at this day and age."

"That is all well and good, but if he dies during the process? Should we just chalk it up as a failure and that we will learn for the next one? Might I remind you that he might be the last Forgotten One we will have in a long while, maybe even centuries. The information he holds is valuable. Whether he chooses to be an adventurer or a nobleman, we will need his information at some point." Leo let out a long sigh as he sipped on his herbal tea. He simply stared at Sebastian resting, and quickly used an observation spell to ensure he was still breathing.

"Something bothered me though while he was discharging his mana - his eyes changed to the color of gold." Rivie was seriously staring into Leo's eyes. She knew the weight of her words and she waited for his response before reacting.

"That is certainly interesting. His eyes changed to the color of mana just before he burnt out? Hmm. It may have something to do with the job he had in his previous world. If I recall, he mentioned something about quickly checking people who were potentially injured. He may have an aptitude for using mana to affect his own body and other people. You should look into training him in that aspect."

When Sebastian opened his eyes, he saw the roof of the small room he had lunch with Elias and Rivie earlier. The last thing he remembered was trying to sense the mana within him before feeling it run out of control. He tried to sit up, but he couldn't feel his arms and legs. Fearing the worst, he tried to move his fingers and toes first as he quickly performe

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