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"Hear me out first." Rivie cut through Sebastian's thoughts - she noticed that he looked troubled when she suggested a supporting role.

"A supporting role doesn't mean that you won't be able to do anything by yourself and that you are weak. I mentioned before about different adventurers grouping together to form a party and adventuring forth to accomplish certain tasks. These tasks might be for subjugating a monster's nest, to control a specific animal's population at certain times, or even to escort people when they travel from one town to another. If you have a party full of swordsmen or a party full of mages, then it leans heavily on their offensive aspect and it will create problems when faced with certain situations." Rivie was still gazing at Sebastian, checking if he was following her. He wasn't sure if her lecture already started, but it was a nice change of pace compared to the physical lesson in the morning.

"To continue, this is where supporters come in. They might be in the form of a well-balanced adventurer - one who can do offense and defense at the same time, or healers that can support the party to help them push forward. Unfortunately, there will always be injuries or illnesses in an adventure. The presence of a supporter can mean the difference between life or death to an adventurer. To put it into perspective, if the adventurer you met when you first arrived to this world was just injured and still breathing, and you had the ability to heal her, she would have been alive today." She paused this time to let her last sentence sink in and quietly waited for Sebastian's reaction. She knew from Leo's report that Sebastian was flustered in that situation and it could have weighed heavily on his mind.

Sebastian shifted in his seat uncomfortably as he put down his spoon and placed his hands on the table. "I can basically understand where you're coming from. I just felt that I don't understand what an adventure in this world means and what I needed to do as a supporter. I just don't want to hold my team - or party as you call it - back. My work ethic is that I do my fair share of work, and I expect everyone to do the same."

"Those are very noble words, yet this is more reason for you to take on a supporting role. Let's say that you use your abilities from your previous world and assess your party's injuries before they even realise what is wrong, and you can prepare remedies for it quickly. This will allow your party to be more robust and accomplish more than usual." Rivie also put down her spoon and slightly pushed her bowl away, indicating that she was finished with her meal. When she looked at Elias, he nodded slightly to hint that he understood what she meant and prepared the table.

After quickly cleaning the table, Elias put down a few steaming mugs in front of everyone. To Sebastian, the aroma gave off a slightly sweet, fruity scent. It definitely smelled very familar, comforting, and somehow relaxed him.

"This is a common type of tea here in Kalonia. It's made of herbs and some fruit rinds so it's soothing and very aromatic - have some." Elias described the tea calmly as he was cleaning away the dishes and placed them in the sink. Sebastian couldn't help but think that Elias also had a gentle side to him, apart from the barbaric one he just met hours ago. Sebastian took a sip from the mug and felt refreshed, all the way to his core. He thought that it reminded him of a warm minty drink.

"Did you put mint in this? It's very pleasant, thank you."

"Ah, the one which you call mint is actually a herb to replenish your mana. It's refreshing and goes deep into your body. It's good that you like it and this goes to show that it's compatible with your body as well." Rivie took a sip from her mug as she elegantly placed it back on the table. She was still observing Sebastian intently, and he could swear her eyes glistened from time to time.

"So are you testing my body in some ways?"

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