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"Good morning everyone. This is Aima, she is the supporter I told everyone about yesterday." Becky introduced the party to a female dwarf with red hair. She only reached up to Becky's eye level, however she looked very lean for her height - that was even with her leather armor on. She had a mature and sophisticated air as she carried herself.

"Hello, my full name is Aima Gunsborg - Aima for short. I'm a rank D adventurer. As what Becky said, I'm mainly a healer-support type, however my other class is a blacksmith so I can use our spoils to reinforce your weapons or make an entirely new one. Though both services will cost you." She maintained her smile as she said the last part casually.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Sebastian. I come from the countryside so I'm still a bit naive about some things. Pleased to meet you." Sebastian tried to shake her hand, but Aima laughed as she just tapped his shoulder before moving on to the other members.

"I'm Melissa Criel but you can call me Mel. I am an archer but I can also use a sword if need be."

"My name is Jinzo Sawyer - Jin for short. I'm the vanguard of the group. I use a shield and a spear. More importantly, how did you know Becky?"

"We partied together for a few quests. I usually transfer from one party to another that's how we met on one quest and we did a couple more quests after that. I have other part-time jobs by the way."

"Uh, okay. Thank you for that information. So you actually go way back with Becky. Hmm.." Jin pretended to think seriously as he rubbed his hand on his chin. Becky didn't hide her irk as she simply shook her head in silence.

"If there are no more real questions then the introductions are now finished. Let's head inside the adventurer's guild as we look for our quest today." Becky lead everyone inside the adventurer's guild and immediately in front of the notice board to look for quest postings.

"Can I suggest that we just search for herb gathering and animal subjugation in the same area?" Jin gathered the group before they became too engrossed in the notice board. "We have new members and we haven't had the chance to see how well we work as a team. Let's use today as a test of sorts."

Sebastian nodded before he looked at Becky in the eye. "It's not a training, however we need to know how the other members work so we can adjust our strategies accordingly. We should prepare for our quests and not take it haphazardly as someone here frequently tells us."

"I see. That actually sounds like a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion Jin. Let's go with that if the majority are amenable to it? I agree with Jin's plan." Aima sounded experienced enough as she steered the group's discussion into a voting.

"I have no problems with that as long as I get to use my bow."

"That's fine by me. You actually listened to me before. I'm so shocked I could cry." Becky flatly replied as she responded to Sebastian's gaze.

"Then that settles it. Here

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