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"Oi!! You there! No skills allowed here in the guild! You didn't even try to hide the changes in your mana! Are you picking a fight!" Within a few seconds after activating his skill, Sebastian was surrounded by the guild guardsmen.

"No skills or spells in the guild! Didn't you learn that? Do you want your status to be changed to a Wanted person?" The guards weren't letting up as they kept their weapons raised and aimed towards Sebastian.

"Now now guys, please don't be too rash. If I'm not mistaken, it was only a reinforcement skill. He couldn't possibly harm 2 or 3 adventurers with that, much less a group of guild guardsmen. Please lower your weapons down, and we'll ask him why he did that okay?" Jin stepped forward to defend his party member after witnessing the situation between Sebastian and Melissa earlier. "Sebastian, why did you use [Augment]? Is everything okay?"

"I'm sorry for the mess. I was flustered since Melissa here wanted to join our party. I thought that I might misunderstand the situation, so I wanted to calm my mind while I analysed the situation. Since I was overwhelmed to begin with, I forgot that skills or spells were not allowed in the guild. I honestly meant no harm." Sebastian restricted the coursing mana throughout his body, stopping the [Augment] skill at once.

"Are you bloody serious..." The guards couldn't believe what they heard. "Because you were shocked after a woman wanted to join your party."

"This might be a good time to remind everyone that Sebastian here came from the countryside, so there are a lot of experiences that are foreign for him." Jin used their ready-made excuse to hide Sebastian's true identity as a Forgotten One.

"Country hicks I tell you. They will end up having themselves killed, or their party killed. If you are responsible for him Jin, then we'll leave him in your hands. You three might want to take this conversation outside." With an indignant sigh, one of the guardsmen finally sheathed his sword as he went back to his post. The others either smiled sheepishly or sighed as they went back to their posts.

"Sebastian and Melissa, let's go outside while they still allow us to. You don't want to be on their bad side. The both of you also should avoid having a Wanted status on your tags - it will make your lives as adventurers difficult." Jin slowly lead them outside the guild and in front of a street stall. He promptly ordered meat skewers as he sat down with them. When the food arrived, Jin opened the topic again. "Sebastian, why were you so shocked that Melissa wanted to join us?"

"It's not that I was shocked. I didn't know why she wanted to join us since her party looked capable enough. You also look like you're a decent adventurer Melissa." Sebastian took a skewer and started nibbling on it. It was almost an act of formality to Jin since Sebastian had no appetite whatsoever.

"You can call me Mel for short. My party disbanded after the C quest. We were caught unprepared facing against the mutated wolves. Morgan and Ravi have said they want a more peaceful vocation while Ellie has gone to assist the monastery. I've now gone up to a rank D with this quest by the way." Mel proudly held her tag in front of them to see, but it was useless because only the owner and guild employees could see the information window.

"That's all well and good, however you said you're changing your class from a swordswoman to an archer. That means that you'll have to learn the basics in using a bow and the skills that come with it. These two usually consider their adventuring as training, having another lighthearted idiot will be disastrous." Becky came out of the guild to find them in the food stall. She sat down with the group as she voiced her always sharp opinion. She refused to sit down and waved off Jin's offer of meat skewers as she crossed her arms and continued to gaze at Mel intently.

"I know about that. I've been practising the bow since I starte

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