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Jin slowly advanced in the dark forest. He spotted his target a couple of trees further down. The mutated wolf looked big and menacing. There were veins protruding from the skin, the wolf's eyes glowed red, and it was two times the size of a regular wolf.

When he was close, he darted out of cover and dashed towards the mutated wolf.

"I'll draw attention! Please cover me! [Spear Thrust]!"

He thrusted his spear towards the wolf's eye before it could turn. However he missed and ended up grazing the wolf's cheek instead.


The wolf felt the stinging sensation as it raised it's paws to strike down Jin. He was ready as he raised his shield while side-stepping.

Becky appeared at the wolf's blind side after using [Shadow Step]. "[Dagger Thrust]!' She stabbed one dagger into the wolf's side, aiming for the lungs. "It's bloody tough! I can't pierce it!"

Sebastian rushed towards the wolf's snout as he slashed the face with one sword. The wolf instinctively turned its head to avoid further damage from the slash. Seeing an opportunity, Sebastian stabbed into the wolf's throat with his other sword!

'[Augment] Reinforce leg muscles.' Sebastian immediately withdrew from the exchange. When the wounded wolf attempted to bite Sebastian, Jin was already drawing attention again.

"[Shield Bash], [Spear Thrust]!"

This time his spear thrust found its mark as he pierced through the wolf's eye. He didn't stop there as he thrusted his spear deeper in the wolf's skull.

Seeing her chance, Becky kept stabbing her dagger at the wolf's other eye. "[Dagger Thrust]!"

With a yelp, the mutated wolf fell down.

Jin breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled the spear out of the wolf's skull with a sickening crunch.

"Don't let your guard down! 3 more by that tree!" Becky signaled with urgency as she prepared her daggers again.

"[Heal]. Jin you should be good to go now. Don't overdo it. You too Sebastian." Rivie was a few steps behind the party as she oversaw the entire battle, focusing on healing and supporting only when needed as per their strategy meeting yesterday.

"Whew. The morning went by so fast. I'm a little bit hungry now. What do we have for lunch?" Jin slowly walked back towards the party.

"Have you removed their mana stones already?"

"Yes, I have already done my share. Here's 3 mana stones for the loot. That was a lot of mutated wolves in our assigned area."

"That was just in our assigned area. In other areas it could be higher than that. Considering how close we are to Wildecross City, you all can understand why this was a C rank quest." Rivie was calmly preparing a fire to warm the soup and the hard bread from their rations.

"Wait, did you also remove their pelt? We can't eat their meat, but pelt can be sold for good money or fashioned as good armour." The image of Becky bloodied from skinning a mutated wolf while holding her two daggers looked intimidating enough.

"Uh, I thoug

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