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"The usual rules apply for this sparring session." Elias towered over Sebastian as he went over the rules again. "You've done this for the past few days so you should be familiar by now. We use our weapon of choice. If your opponent surrenders, is unable to fight, or the weapon is knocked out of their hands then the spar is over." Elias held the wooden long sword in one hand. With his physique, it looked like any normal wooden sword.

"I understand. I'll be in your care again." Sebastian looked confident compared to a week ago. He now properly held a regular length wooden sword with both hands. Out of all the weapons that he tried, he found that a regular sword was suitable for his fighting style. He wasn't confident yet with wielding two swords so he was content with one sword for now.

"When I say begin, the match will start and when I declare it finished, both of you must stop immediately." Rivie was overseeing their match as usual. It may have been because of the assessment incidents that she was a bit more cautious than before. In this regard, she was the best arbiter.

Sebastian slowed down his breathing and focused the mana inside him. '[Augment] Reinforce eyes, open nerve synapses, partially block pain receptors.'


As soon as Rivie gave the signal, Elias took the offensive. He tightened his muscles as he dashed explosively towards Sebastian. "I can see you use [Augment]! Let's see how you fare with this!"

'Tense right leg muscles, tense left calf, tense right arm and shoulder. He's going to spin and lead with his centrifugal force! [Augment] Reinforce right arm muscles.'

Sebastian raised his wooden sword to block his right side. As soon as he was just able to raise his sword, Elias came like a hurricane. A few steps before colliding head on, Elias spun to his right side and placed all his weight on his long sword. He was surprised that Sebastian was already blocking him. Elias had a lot of power and strength, but he was by no means slow.


'[Augment] Reinforce leg muscles.'

Sebastian used the force from Elias' strike to spin. Planting his right foot firmly on the ground, his left foot drew a circle as he aimed for Elia's temple.

"I can see your kick! You should be faster than this!"

Sebastian's foot almost hit Elias' temple if his hand didn't block it cleanly. He firmly grasped his hand as he held on to Sebastian's ankle tight. "You are unbalanced now!" Elias started the motion to swing his long sword horizontally. At this range, Sebastian looked like he would be unable to block it.

However Sebastian wasn't planning on blocking it in the first place. He calmly shifted his entire body one step back - it looked like he merely did a simple hop. This small movement was enough to break Elias' center of gravity. He stumbled a few steps, in the process releasing Sebastian's foot. He took a couple of steps forward before he was faced with Sebastian's wooden sword to his neck.

"Finished!" Rivie emphatically shouted. Even if they used wooden weapons, she somehow treated their mock matches with urgency as if they were real.

"You really fight unconventionally using your agility and flexibility. It always seems that you use my strength against me. This is your win." Elias calmly put his wooden long sword back into the weapon rack as he wiped the sweat off his furrow. The mock match was their ending routine to their morning lessons. He was really impressed with Sebastian's explosive growth the past week. He was definitely a far cry from the person he one-sidedly beat to the point of exhaustion a week ago.

"With Rivie's guidance, I was able to hone my [Augment] skill. I used it to read your muscles and to prepare myself. If it wasn't for that, I would have been broken in half by your spinning strike." Sebastian also put his wooden sword back on the weapon rack, drinking a mouthful of water after.

"Your [Augment] skill is really impressive. It makes up for y

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