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Korinne Cave. A natural cave which lied further inside Trenlant Forest. It was mainly used as a mining site for metal ores and precious stones. Expanded after multiple and prolonged mining operations, various levels were added to accommodate the growing needs of the nearby Wildecross City. The result was a complex and winding tunnel system that bore through the bowels of Kalonia. While it carried a calm and serene beauty within, it also housed dangers created by the mana exposure inside.

Drip drip

"This is a really quiet and dark cave. Good thing the walls are lit up otherwise it would be pitch dark. Where is that light coming from?" Sebastian loudly pondered as he led the party through the winding tunnel.

"It's called Mana Moss. This cave has a rich aura of mana within. Almost everything exposed to the mana here for long periods of time has mutated in some way. The Mana Moss is harmless and located all throughout the cave, but as the quest posting said, there are poison spiders and rat imps as well. On a more important note, what is that [Augment] skill of yours? It even allows you to see in the dark." Aima walked beside Sebastian as she peered into his eyes. Due to his mana coursing through it, it glowed a faint golden amber color.

"I have adjusted the mana within my body to enhance specific areas. This sub-skill enhances the rods in my eyes while balancing the cones as well. The result is that it allows me to see better in low light. Although I am still enhancing my other senses so I won't miss anything."

"For a country bumpkin, you are fascinating in some ways, did you know that? Especially the part where you can 'enhance specific areas'. You might really know how to please a woman then." Aima covered her mouth with her hand as she pretended to laugh again. She found that teasing Sebastian, whom she considered a country hick, was an entertaining way to relieve the boredom.

"Focus on the path ahead please, Sebastian and Aima. It's bad enough that I can't scout for the party, but relying on carefree adventurers is even worse." Becky's remark silenced the two. She couldn't use her beastkin senses as efficiently as Sebastian's [Augment] in the dark, and she made no efforts to hide her annoyance.

"There's actually a group of spiders in front of us. I count 8. Should we lead with an offensive spell?" Sebastian looked at Aima beside him as he looked at the poison spiders in front again. The mutated spiders were the size of an adult's head, and their poison was deadly in large doses.

"Let's not forget that the mana is rich in this cave. I can cast a [Fire Bolt] that might turn out to be the size of a fireball. I don't want to die from something avoidable like a cave-in."

"I'll use my arrows then. I'll deal the first strike and when they come close, Sebastian, Becky, and Jin can do their part." Mel chimed in as she nocked an arrow onto her bow.

"That sounds like a good plan Mel. Keep shooting until they come c

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