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"You have the basics down, but you need to improve your combat flow or use it in unconventional means." Becky was standing over Jin after their spar. She came out victorious as usual, and she didn't hold back on her comments as well. "If you're fighting mutated small animals then it should be fine. Although I imagine you don't want to keep fighting mutated small animals all your life." Rivie could only shake her head in disbelief as she oversaw their short fight. She appropriately casted [Heal] on Jin.

"If you were in my place what would you have done instead?" Jin looked up at Becky as he slowly got up on his feet. This was the first day they had a mock battle but he took it seriously. He always appeared cheerful and laidback when he was talking to them but once he started fighting, he became a different person. Unbeknownst to him, he earned Becky's respect with his fighting mentality - yet he would never know about this at all.

"Since your opponent uses speed to their advantage, then use your spear to tie them up instead of using your shield first. Your shield movements are versatile, but you can't keep on waiting to be hit first. Take the preemptive strike next time and push them back. Drag them to your speed or pace where you are most comfortable with. I use daggers so your spear has an advantage at that part. To me your shield is nothing more than a nuisance."

"If you put it that way then it really does make sense. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind for this today's weapon practice as well." Jin collected himself before having a drink of water. As per their training routine, next would be his mock battle with Elias while Becky trained with Sebastian.

"Next would be sir Forgotten One. Are you ready for this fight or should I not even warm up and just take it easy?" Becky stood in front of Sebastian as she readied her two wooden daggers again. She had a fierce gaze as she looked at Sebastian. He could almost feel the animosity from her aura.

"Like you said yesterday, please treat this as an actual battle and not a training session. I also need to learn more and to meet your standards." Sebastian was still using a single wooden sword as he only started training dual sword wielding that morning.

"Well said - although I would prefer it if you learn and develop in this lifetime. Otherwise it would be such a waste of mana stones from your previous world."

Rivie took a step forward as if to signal the both of them to prepare for the spar. "That is enough. Let's get on with the training session. Same rules apply, begin when I give the signal."

Sebastian took a deep breath as he prepared his stance and focused on his mana.

'She is too quick for my basic senses. Time to put my training to the test. [Augmentation] Steel body and mind, Enhance all senses.' He kept practicing the flow and grouped his [Augmentation] processes into similar associations. This method enabled him to use it at a faster pace and to augment multiple body systems at once - although his naming style was a bit too bland.


Becky raised the corner of her mouth again as she smirked before using her skill. 'We'll see if he actually learned anything from yesterday. [Shadow Step].'

'I see it! She's gathering the mana on the balls of her heels while in her stance. She's going to use it to launch herself towards me? That's crazy.'

To the untrained eye, She disappeared with a blur again. However Sebastian was ready this time. 'She's actually doing it multiple times to go faster and to circle around me! She's coming from the left side!'

Sebastian gripped the wooden sword hard. Hearing her lesson with Jin, he needed to take the first strike and bring her to his speed. Using his augmented muscles, he swung towards his left!

'What? He was able to sense me? It doesn't matter. My speed isn't the only thing, don't look down on my agility!'

Becky leaped over Sebastian's strike as she somersaulted in the air. 'W

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