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"So what happens now? What should I do from here on then? Do I have a mission? Should I try to go back?" Sebastian's mind was further racing down a track. He ended up firing bursts of questions to Leo before even waiting for an answer to a single question.

Leo looked at him intently again. "This part is up to you. What we know is you can't go back to your original world. You will stay here until your end." He tried to say everything in a flat tone so as to avoid being too dramatic especially with the last line.

Sebastian replied in kind with Leo's intent gaze. He also studied Leo's body language, how he seemed calm and calculating. How everything he was doing depended on his own actions first.

"You don't have to decide that now. What I would suggest first, is you get a bearing as to what this new world of yours is. You just learn the basics - how we survive, what we generally do, and what the outside world is." He didn't break away from the gaze and stared back at Sebastian. He was definitely assessing the other party's reactions, he didn't attempt to hide his fascination.

Sebastian was the first to break away and look at the surroundings in the room. It appeared to be a basic office but in a medieval setting. There was a desk, books, and surprisingly, candles strewn about. It seemed that there was no electricity as there were no lamps or switches. Leo saw him looking around curiously and interjected, "So are you curious about your new world?"

Looking defeated, Sebastian managed to force a smile saying, "well I'm here now. I might as well learn the basics and then take it from there right?"

"Don't be too downtrodden. Depending on where you came from, this world might be a better improvement or be more fascinating than your original world." Leo stood up from his chair and moved behind his desk. He looked more authoritative now especially with his serious face. He rummaged in the side drawers before pulling out a piece of paper.

"I take it you've finished eating now?" Leo gestured towards the remnants of the food platter in front of Sebastian.

"Yes, thank you. I'm sorry I lost my manners then." Sebastian suddenly felt abashed with regards to his eating speed and how he almost seemed ravenous while wolfing down the food.

"Don't mind it. You've gone through much in the past few hours, I'm sure that food was the least of your concerns then. You only noticed your hunger when food was placed in front of you." Leo smiled to reassure him, although his smile must also be from relief as he was able to talk in lengthy sentences now.

"If you follow me, I'll show you where you will study about this world." Leo motioned for Sebastian to follow him as he stood up and started walking towards the door.

"Ah, by the way. I don't know where you come from but over here we have multiple races aside from humans. You have already met a half-elf, we also have elves, beastkin, and dwarves. Are you familiar with these races?" Le

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