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Once they entered the stone building which functioned as a monastery, the first thing that caught Sebastian's eye was the sculptures in the corridor which gave off the feeling that they were there to greet them. They were poised in different actions, as if to depict which specific area they emphasised. He saw a sculpture of a male warrior in a combat stance, another which looked like a farmer holding a basket of fruits, and even another appearing to smith a sword.

"They are the demigods that watch over Kalonia." Leo followed Sebastian's curious gaze over the sculptures and seemingly read his thoughts then and there. "It seems that in some of the Forgotten Ones' worlds, they worship a single entity. While it does strike me as odd, but here in Kalonia we have the watchful eyes of the demigods as they aid us in our everyday activities."

"Where I come from, we also worshiped a single entity, but it lead to multiple wars and strife across different believing factions. I for one, wasn't a very religious person because of that aspect. I mainly believed that I should aid people using my own hands with my own free will." Sebastian was speaking in a low tone, as he quietly remembered the horrors of the wars that he witnessed in the front line makeshift hospitals during his nursing career. With every step he took in the monastery corridor, Sebastian was slowly drifting away as he looked back on the things he had witnessed during his nursing nostalgia trip.

"Well you're here now so this is definitely another good reason why you should be here in this monastery." Leo said with a clap of his hands as if to bring the focus back to the present and as if to come to a definite decision by himself. Whatever the reason was for the clap, it worked as Sebastian was jerked from his nostalgia trip back to the corridor of the monastery.

As soon as they walked into the inner cloister of the monastery, they were both greeted by a beastkin man and an elf woman. They both appeared middle-aged while giving off the aura of a well-experienced person having lived through various experiences. Both wore simple robes that appeared to facilitate ease in movement more than protection.

"Is this the Forgotten One that you have taken under your wing Leo?" The beastkin man walked forward while sizing Sebastian up with his fierce gaze. He was being sized up with a smile, but Sebastian could feel the gaze that seemingly pierced through his flesh and bones. He unconsciously tensed up while holding his hands in fists.

Leo noticed Sebastian's tension and took a step forward - as if to protect him from the beastkin's gaze. "Yes, he is the one I told you about. Now stop being too imposing and ease off. There will be plenty of chances for you to assess his skills." As soon as Leo said his line, the beastkin's face returned to his middle-aged man's smile and shyly placed his hand at the back of his head.

"Sorry about that. You're a very interesting specimen. It simpl

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