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"Give us a few moments. Go beyond the clearing over there." Becky instructed the rest of the group as she motioned for them to leave her and Aima alone.

With a puzzled look, the three other members of the party went beyond the clearing as instructed. They remained vigilant and didn't dare make any sound for fear of attracting unwanted bears around them.

"What was with that? You weren't like that before? What happened?" As soon as they were left alone she turned around and began to berate Aima.

"I saw that your other members were still wet behind the ears so I gave my experienced input. There was nothing wrong with that."

"No there was a lot wrong with that and you know it. You calling out everyone's movements disrupts the flow of combat. It is very dangerous. You know the reason why I wanted you to join our party right?"

"Yes, I haven't forgotten. However we need to make them into capable adventures for that isn't it?"

"This isn't the way. Next time focus on your support. You don't need to be pedantic about everything in combat. They are capable to a point."

"Ho, the stoic Becky acknowledged another party after her previous one. How heartwarming." Aima grinned as she waited for Becky to respond to her jab.

"Do not disrespect my previous party members. They were adventurers you could never shine a light to." Becky turned away as she headed to where the rest of the group were.

"Got it, I'm sorry. I'll do as I'm told for the next fight. Tch, even though I'm more mature than everyone here." Aima also walked behind Becky as she didn't hide her dissatisfaction to her rank in the party.

'They're coming here, I better stop my [Augment]. It seems I can't let my guard down with these two.' Sebastian pretended to be checking his swords as soon as Becky and Aima came to the clearing.


"[Spear Slash]!" Jin was facing off with another bear as the other members got to their positions.

"[Augment] Steel body and mind, Hyper senses, Reinforce Legs!" Sebastian appeared at the bear's side as he slashed and stabbed.


"I can't do much damage with my swords! Mel and Becky please!" Sebastian stepped back as the bear turned towards him. Jin took this chance to swipe the bear's paws, disrupting the center of gravity.


"[Poison Strike]!" Becky came like clockwork to the bear's blind spot and aimed for his face. Her strike found it's mark as the bear staggered from the blow and the poison immediately flowed through it's massive body.

In the confusion, the bear suddenly turned and swiped at Jin with it's back hand!


"[Shield Block]!" Jin stood his ground as he reinforced his body with his mana.

"[Oakskin]!" Aima didn't miss a beat as she reinforced Jin's body with her own spell. With two spells reinforcing him, Jin didn't appear fazed at all. The blow instead stunned the bear as it was pushed back successfully.

"[Power Arrow]!" Mel took

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