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Using his enhanced speed, Sebastian drove the sword deep into the mutated wolf's neck before it could apply further damage to Jin's shield. He left his sword lodged in the wolf as he turned to roundhouse kick it away.

"[Ice Lance]!" Rivie finally made her presence known as she used offensive magic for the speared wolf before it realised what was happening. The sharp jagged ice flew through the air, coursing at a frightening speed before embedding in the wolf's head, almost decapitating it. It couldn't even let out a whimper as it fell, lifeless. Amateur spellcasters would be in shock when they see a basic spell altered to such levels.

"Rivie, please check on Jin!" Sebastian didn't let the wolf in front of him out of his sight, as he stepped in between the wolf and Jin. He slowly advanced towards the wolf, holding his other sword with both hands. 'I can't use bursts of speed now, I need to use my strength for the final strike.'

Seeing Sebastian draw the wolf's attention, Becky quietly used her [Shadow Step] to appear behind the wolf. When the wolf instinctively turned, she used all her force to kick it! "[Rock Kick]! Towards you!"


The wolf was knocked almost a meter into the air as it flew towards Sebastian! He ran forward then ducked as the wolf flew above him.

'[Augment] Reinforce arms!'

He stabbed his sword into the wolf's belly as he rolled forward, slashing the wolf partially in two. The wolf's hot innards spilled all over Sebastian and the ground before the carcass fell with a thud.

Becky helped a panting Sebastian stand up as he cleaned himself.

"If this is just a mutated wolf, what about the other mutated beasts? This is crazy. Rivie, how is Jin's status?"

Rivie was supporting Jin as he cradled his left hand. "I'm going to be okay. Rivie's already casted a few [Heal]s on me. My shield's gone though."

"Equipment will always be temporary. Just be glad it did it's job before it broke. Otherwise you'd be in pieces." Becky always grounded the group with her sharp doses of reality.

"As a silver lining, this is actually good timing because you had custom equipment made using the mutated wolf materials we gathered the other day. It should be complete soon." Rivie slowly stood up as she also helped Jin stand up.

Rivie's statement placed everyone in a good mood, considering their last fight. They quickly gathered their loot before heading back into the city.

While they were walking towards the city, Rivie discreetly whispered to Sebastian. "When we're in the city, please look for me. I need to talk to you in private."

Sebastian's mind was running fast, trying to think of scenarios why Rivie wanted to talk to him. It was almost as if he used [Augment] for his thinking speed.


"I think it's a first for you to come into my room - or rented room that is." Sebastian felt a bit shy as he tried to tidy up his room. He didn't have many possessions, but he felt the room cramped for the both of them. He thought Rivie sought him out regarding his training, but Rivie insisted to speak with him in his room instead. He realised then that he hadn't been with a woman since he came to this world. He didn't even have time to research about this world's culture regarding romance or physical intimacy.

"I do apologise if my request came off as strong. However this is with regards to the party."

"Eh? The party? Why? What happened?" Sebastian was totally caught off-guard when Rivie wanted to talk about the party instead of Sebastian's physical needs.

"I realise that I am holding the party back, to put it simply. I am telling you first that I will be leaving the party tomorrow. Keeping in mind that this sudden C quest was merely a trial run for our party as well."

"Is there a specific reason why? Are we unable to keep up with you? With your experience and abilities, it would actually seem that we are holding you back you know."

"When you think fr

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