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Edge of the Hell Forrest -

Bai Zhi was venting his anger at a huge bolder beside him while cursing at his luck for encountering an expert on the mission. Rather than making the expert not interfere, the expert actually made them retreat. He also tried to use his clan name but what the expert did made it look like that their face was slapped by actually taking Lin Mei under his protection.

"What do we do now elder Zhi?"(Bai Qui)

"What do we do now, who knew that an expert would appear out of thin air and completely destroy our plan and he was at least an emperor rank person besides with my cultivation base , i coudnt sense his power."(Bai Zhi)

"Yea, its the same with me. It looks like only the grand elder and patriarchs of our clans can do something about it. So lets report back for now. We must have that blue stone from her to boost our clan's powers."(Lin Zen)

"Ok then lets go back first and report about it."(Bai Zhi)

Back to Tian Chen -

After he was done with all this, he noticed Lin Mei's fingers moved. After which she slowly opened her eyes and sat straight while staring at him with confused eyes, she was staring at him while being dazed by the thought that the person in front of her seemed familiar.

After a moment she came to a sudden realization. While he in thought about why she was staring at him. And, as he was about to speak, her voice sounded as she made bowed a little.

"Th-thank You very much for helping me!"(Lin Mei)

"Your Welcome Lin Mei, but why were they attacking you?" (Tian Chen)

He said in a kind tone while giving of a kind aura while she was stunned as she spoke...

"Ah that was because of the Aqua essence.....Wait! How do you know my name?!" (Lin Mei)

"Well...That's because of my special ability that allows me to tell who is who and what is what. By the way, although I want to know your story but you should go wash the blood off of you first. There is a river north of here which is about 200 m away from here. And Im Tian Chen."(Tian Chen)

"Ah, Ok. Thank you very much once again and Im Lin Mei. Oh, I forgot that you already know . So I will go right away."(Lin Mei)

After the small exchange of words, he stayed right there and thought of keeping guard untill she came back. She then went to the river and cleaned herself up while changing into new set of clothes. Which came from her storage ring and after she was done, she started waking back to where he was keeping guard.

Although Lin Mei was feeling a bit strange while thinking on how to speak to Tian Chen, but when she thought of his kind tone when they spoke earlier, she felt relieved that he meant no Harm and remembered that he was the one who saved him. And soon she saw his figure standing in front of her as she came to where he was.

Although she did not pay much attention on his looks earlier, was now looking at him while being in a daze and had stunned expression because of his silver hair and grey eyes w

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