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Present Modern Day Earth

China :

Shanghai -

On a particular rainy day, it was raining heavily with only dark clouds to be seen, there was thunder roaring loudly with countless flashes of lightening within the clouds.

In a particular room of the hospital, there lay a youth in an extremely weak condition and almost unconscious. He was currently surrounded by about 5 people, who were giving it there all to save the youth in front of them with this being there last chance.

The name of the youth was Tian Chen, the 2nd young master of the Tian Clan. The people surrounding him were professional doctors and surgeons. He was currently in the Operation Theater and was having an operation. He was trying his best to stay awake while those around him were trying there best to make the operation successful. But when it was the final phase, suddenly Lightning struck Tian Chen and he finally lost consciousness. ROAR!! BOOM!!!

"Come on you guys, HURRY! We must succeed"(Doctor 1)

""Yes"" ( Doctors 2-5)

But before losing consciousness, he heard the voices of those around him and thought to himself, ``Ah I can't take it anymore, I am too tired.´´as he closed his eyes. But when he was about to close his eyes, he heard a little something as his vision went first white and then black.

And so, that's how he died just like that in an unfortunate accident.

When the lightning struck, they saw a light flash in front of them and instinctively covered there faces with their hands as they were stunned but after a few seconds, they came back to there senses and hurriedly checked around the room as well as Tian Chen's condition. To there surprise, everything in the room was fine but when they checked upon Tian Chen's health status, all they could do was sigh in sadness. Then one of them spoke,

"S-Sir, this . W-what now?"(Doctor 2)

" Sigh, nothing can be done now as it has already happened and maybe it was his destiny. Alright lets stop this here and go out to face his family. "(Doctor 1)

They although were afraid but there was nothing they could do as it was already done, so they mustered up all their courage and went outside. Outside of the operation theatre, there was a group of about 3 people waiting with extremely nervous and worried expressions. This group of people was Tian Chen's Father, Mother and his Big Brother.

Soon, the doors of the room opened and they saw the doctors coming out. When they came out, all 3 of them hurriedly ran to the doctors and launched a barrage of questions while looking at the them anxiously.

""DOCTOR!!""(The whole group)

"What happened?"(Father)

"What was that noise earlier?"(Big Brother)

"How is Chen'er ?!" (Mother)

As soon as they heard this, they all lowered their head and apologized,

""Sorry!!""(Doctor group)

"What do you mean Sorry?! we asked what happened!"(Father)

"We are sorry. It was actually going really well and we were about to succeed but suddenly there was a white flash and we couldn't see what happend. It lasted for about 5 seconds and after that when we checked his condition, it was already too late. It all happened way too fast."(Doctor 1)

Hearing his and the other's apologies, the group's mind went blank and they started crying because they understood what happened for they had lost a really important family member whom they cared about a lot. They cried for a long time and the doctors too couldn't help but sigh remembering how unfortunate Tian Chen's death was.


Unknown world:

Unknown place-

Currently, there lay a certain youth on the ground full of exhaustion and grave injuries, on the verge of death. When suddenly lightning struck him, destroying his very soul and miraculously replacing his soul with the soul of Tian Chen.

When his soul merged with the body, there was actually no side effect but due to the state of

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