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I apologise for not releasing a chap for past 2 weeks everyone, it is just that I didn't have much time to write and the time I did have, I coulnt write like I was thinking that maybe I am missing some factors in those chaps. As I rewrote it to make it better, I also focused on researching a bit on what is missing and I for one know that there are things that I still missed.

Now some of u or maybe all might be thinking that this story is rushed, which I slowed down as much as I could think of but I might as well tell u all that what I wanna focus on in the story is about a sect building and romance and I want the mc to not be someone who If isn't strong then must away type. Plus I want him to be different from other mc's of the other adventure type novels in cultivation.

IMPORTANT: I will release chapters on weekends only. there will be 4 in number.

IF anyone wishes to know more or disuss about the story then please join

discord : https://discord.gg/Svyyv7S


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