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Tian Chen was currently sitting on the huge rock while facing the sky with a lonely expression where the moon had started appearing as the sky started darkening which clearly stated that it was already almost night time.

When he saw the moon, he couldn't help but wonder while thinking, ``Oh, the moon is out huh. so clear yet so distant. It's was a long day, so much happened and that unexpected intrusion in my peaceful cultivation. Well, it is to be expected of the world ruled by the strong. I wonder if I would be enjoying a peaceful night back on earth as well, had it not been for the sudden reincarnation. Yet it's been close to a year since came here.´´

He was quite sad when he thought about the sudden transmigration to this world and how his parent might have felt when he died. Then he couldn't help it as he had quite an attachment towards his parents and his big brother who cared about him and took care of him who was had almost no chances of living.

Just when he was about to emotionally ask the System if he could meet them again, he suddenly shook his head while calming himself down and started thinking more clearly, ``No-no, why was I even trying to ask such a stupid question, whose answer I am fully aware of. I know full well that it is not possible to meet them even if earth exists somewhere in the whole existence. Factors like time difference and the time taken to reach a level to go there as well as the distance and one's life span will surely stop me from meeting them. Even if we meet, then what? What do I say to them? Tell them the truth? What if my enemies try to use them to get rid of me?´´

``No, I can't put them at risk. Also, for them I have already died, no longer a part of their world. And besides, there seems to be a reason as to why I was sent here. After all, I believe that there is always a reason behind everything. Meaning that either something big will happen in the near future or has started happening already. But I know next to nothing about the world and beyond if there are any.´´

``Considering that this is a cultivation universe or multiverses then the possibility of multiple realms existing is extremely high. Things are already different as I now exit in this unknown world and I don't think I will be alone in this world either.´´ when he finally thought till there, he then glanced at the cultivating beauty who was cultivating peacefully as his sadness was replaced with calmness.

He then took a deep breath as he feeling much better after sorting out his thoughts. Although there were many doubts, he decided to think them through some time at a later date. He then thought, ``Yes, I am not previous sickly Tian Chen of the earth of my previous life. I am Tian Chen who will become supreme in order to deal with this 'Big Event'. I am no one else but me myself and I will write my own future while thrashing those with ill intentions towards me and those around me. There is no poi

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